Are the Not-So-Fake-Looking Plants back in the game?


Gone are the days when one could actually tell an artificial plant apart from a real one. The artificial plants you will see in the market today look so realistic that one can actually mistake them for it.

In the world where pets feel neglected (pun intended), who has time to water their plants daily? (Except for the retired, for their bond with their plants and the garden is immutable). So, it won’t be wrong to say that millennials are more inclined towards going for the ‘feasible’ options when it comes to maintenance of anything for that matter.

Are these plants actually worth it?

Not that these plants are heavy on the pocket or anything, but one wonders if these plants can actually make a difference in uplifting one’s living space or not. While these plants look very real they offer an aesthetic appeal of their own.

Artificial Plants by Scavolini at NTC

The kind of green that one imagines the plants in paradise to be is extravagantly used in the artificial plants. The plants have a luster that is in a perfect balance; not making it have a plastic-y appearance or too dull to be noticed at the same time.

The variety is overwhelming

Whenever one imagines an artificial plant, a succulent usually comes up, right? And don’t get me started with the obnoxious looking artificial flowers. So take that ugly picture out of your mind and imagine white roses with dark green leaves that are real (except that they aren’t).

Artificial Plants by Scavolini at NTC
Artificial plants
Artificial Plants by Scavolini at NTC

Well, that’s the kind of variety I am talking about that you will get in the market these days. Whether you want to go with the floral ones or keep it simple with a single vine, you choose. There’s an interesting trend of using an artificial vine right across one’s living room one-shelf library. It can make the living room look lively.

So, are they really back in the game?

Suffice to say, yes. With an increase ‘wokeness’ among the millennials, the trend of making use of plants in home décor is somehow on the rise (don’t try making sense of it because you may get stuck in limbo). The fake plants are essentially made from plastic, the kind of plastic that is hard to get rid of. This then raises the question of sustainability which inherently contradicts the purpose. Told you not to try making sense of it.

Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants by Scavolini at NTC

It is also worth mentioning that plants per se are increasingly being used in the home décor. And for saving one from the ordeal of having to take care of them, many go for the artificial ones.

All in all, these plants are an ideal alternative for the real ones as they save time, don’t need to be maintained and can be placed anywhere (no hassling with where the plant is going to get sunlight).

Some of these plants may cost you a good deal for an artificial plant but that means that they will look more real than others (a plus if money ain’t a problem for you).

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