Bring life to your home with fairy lights decor

From the spacious living room to our cozy bedrooms, to even the vanity mirrors of our bathrooms, every single room in our house deserves to be accessorized. And what better way of decorating your place than fairy lights decor. Not only it adds light, but it actually brings life to an otherwise mundane set of furniture and home spaces.

So, here’s a list of easy ideas that you can do to bring light and an aesthetic appeal in your life with the help of fairy lights decor! (Not expensive, we understand the financial constraints on your pocket).

Meaningful Engravings – Lighted Up!

The best and undoubtedly easiest way to accessorize your living space is by using these sparking lights to create something meaningful. You can write your name with it or a word that means a lot to you so it can always shine bright!

Whenever you come home, you’ll be welcomed by its eternal glow – enough to make up for any bad day! (Hopefully :p)

While we are on the subject of stuffing fairy light in a jar, you can also put them in a bottle to recycle the used bottle into a glowing light. To make it even better, you can engrave the bottle with a message. After that, whenever you’ll turn on the lights, the message will and the lights will add glow to your room that it requires!

Credits: Petit and Small

Innovating Bedroom Lamps

Sometimes, even the basic necessities of a room can turn out dull. Take bedroom lamps for instance. The only change you can bring in them is design or color. But not anymore. Now, you can innovate your bedroom lamps by replacing them with fairy lights filled in a jar.

So, put the fairy lights in a bell jar or a mason jar to give your bed the perfect side lamps.

Credits: Shop Terrain

Add Spark to Curtains

Tired of the same, old curtains hanging in your room? There is a way to make those separators more fun. Hang the fairy lights on your curtains, making trails of glimmer. It will give a less subtle look to your room.

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Wall of Fame

If you think that framing a picture takes a big dip in the pool of your budget, you can try the basic wall of fame in your corridors or rooms. Simply, hang pictures on fairy lights set on the wall.

Who need expensive frames, when you can make your own? (Right?)

Photo by Siri from Pexels

An Open Sky, Full of Sparkling Stars

If you’re up for a little hard work or can find someone who’d do it for you, make your own sky full of stars. The easiest way to do that is to adjust the fairy lights on a poll and strings outside, in your terrace or verandah.

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And don’t stop there, bring fairy lights decor outside on your trees too!

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

Fairy Dreams

In the bedroom, you can decorate the corners and the sides of the bed to visit your dreams under the charm of fairy lights.

Spruce up your bedroom by redefining vanity lights by decorating your mirror on the sides.

You can also decorate your door with them to let everyone know that a queen or a king lives inside!

Picture from Pexels

Dare to Accessorize

Or if nothing else comes to mind, you can just put them anywhere in the room to add that missing flicker in the space. You can place them on the floor or light up your cushion with them.

Photo by Katarzyna Pracuch on Unsplash

With the help and use of these crafty fairy lights decor, your home will shine out brightly in the neighborhood. So, don’t wait for anything. Go out and buy as many fairy lights as you must to breathe life into your home.

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