How to make the most out of your wardrobe space

Another season, another grind! Welcoming your spring wardrobe can be quite a task when you don’t want to get rid of those every-season tops. If you are also a cloth hoarder (guilty), always struggling with the wardrobe space then you have come to the right place.

A well-planned wardrobe space can save you from stressing over the space every time you decide to give yourself a makeover. Don’t be disappointed as yet and cheer up Buttercup as we are here to save the day. Follow our handy hacks and get ready for another shopping spree.

It’s all about the right Wardrobe Accessories

Regardless of how limited your wardrobe is in terms of space, wardrobe accessories are always there to provide you with extra space to fit in things as efficiently as possible. You’ll be surprised to know the kind of accessories the market has to offer. These accessories are designed to facilitate you at best.

Scarf racks

Instead of piling up all the scarfs and shawls in a corner which takes a lot of space, looks messy, and makes it even harder to find the right scarf, use a scarf rack instead. Since the rack lets you hang the scarfs, the scarfs will be accessible and save a lot on the space.

Source: The Wow Decor

Pants racks

Likewise, the pants racks are also one of the most convenient ways to organize your bottoms. The folding, however, sounds like a better option as it utilizes less space but imagine easily matching a shirt with a bottom without having to think about unfolding and folding the ones you don’t need again.
Additionally, your bottoms will require minimum ironing if they are hanged, a win-win.

Source: Manhattan Closets

Jewelry Trays

One drawer to save all, won’t it be even better if the drawer is customized according to your needs? If you have a drawer in your wardrobe then you can still get it customized. Ask a carpenter to build a jewelry tray for your drawer and trust me, you’ll be so much relieved.

Source: Pinterest

Pull out shoe racks

While shoe racks are a must addition to a wardrobe, using them can be arduous especially for the ones who absolutely hate bending every time they need a pair of shoes. Pull out shoe racks provide you the ease of accessibility and take up less space in your wardrobe.

Source: Servetto

Make zones within the wardrobe compartments

We all have separators in our wardrobes but let’s just admit that they still fail to stop us from misplacing things. This is one of the reasons why you are always running out of your wardrobe space. It is also the reason why you are always struggling finding things in your ‘apparently’ organized wardrobe.

Source: Wardrobe Accessories Furniture

Allot zones to each of the compartment. Make sure you strictly comply with it. If you don’t trust yourself (high-five*), label each so that you don’t ever confuse.

Hang in there

Source: Servetto

If the wardrobe shelves have reached their limit and you dread putting things in your sister’s wardrobe (the feeling is mutual, my friend), use hooks to hang things. You can hammer a couple of hooks on the inner side of the wardrobe door and hang clothes on it. There are the adjustable hooks out there that squeeze in when the door is shut occupying as less space as possible.

And the list goes on. While there is no hard and fast rule as to what to follow and what not to, make sure you use every inch of the wardrobe without compromising on its organization, of course.

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