Are wooden floors suitable for kitchens?

Kitchen floors are the unsung heroes of the space. As much as those frequent spills and accidental crockery slips affect the counters, we often tend to overlook how it impacts the kitchen floor. Not to mention that kitchen is the most used space of the house and therefore having a floor that can be easily cleaned is essential to keep it hygienic. Many people think that wooden floors are not a good fit for kitchens. Well, we’d love to break it to you that it is actually not the case. Wooden floors do equally well in kitchens but then again, for that to be actually the case, the choice of floor selected is integral to its durability. You can find a number of wooden floors in Lahore.

Apart from its obvious aesthetic appeal, it having a wooden floor under one’s feet while cooking for longer spans of time might not be as tiring as standing on the marble floor (unbelievable, right?).

So let’s break the myth of wooden floors’ incompatibility with the kitchen by expounding upon some of the wooden floors qualities that you ought to consider while choosing a wooden floor for the kitchen:

The type of wood

So, the first thing that comes to one’s mind when considering wooden floors for a kitchen is the type of wood best suited for it. Since the kitchen tends to have moisture as well, one should look for wooden floors that are either moisture resistant or repellant. 

Hardwood floors have their pros and cons but are still best suited for kitchens. Hardwood floors are sturdier and can take the shocks such as heavy crockery breakage well. By well, we mean you won’t be seeing the marks or scratches after every other glass or plate break on your precious floor. 

Now coming back to the moisture, understand that it is still the wooden flooring we are talking about at the end of the day. Excessive or moisture that accumulates for a long time can be havoc for the floor. even if it is hardwood, clean the moist spills as soon as possible to avoid the long-term damage.

Since the kitchen also takes a lot of heat, having a wooden floor with insulation properties would be a bonus. This insulation property can be a lifesaver (for the floor of course) in case of hot spills that are the most dangerous ones for the floor. The hot spills tend to make the wood warp out of shape at times if it is not finished properly. 

 You can find a lot of good options of wooden floors in Lahore (speaking of which, do check out floors by AGT at NTC) that can settle this one problem. 

The sealants 

In simpler terms, the sealant is the topmost coat or layer of a floor or any other surface. A good sealant caters to the needs of the surface it is covering. For the kitchen floors, we need a sealant that can protect the wooden floor from the daily wear and tear by minimizing its direct exposure to it at the very least. So, here we should be looking at the waterproof ones. Note that the sealants are not as long-lasting as we would want so you will have to refinish every 2-3 years. Sealants can be different than the finish. Consult your vendor for details.

Its maintenance 

Every type of floor has its own set of SOPs for maintenance. Maintaining wooden floors can be quite a drill, we admit. But, the aesthetic appeal that it is bringing to your kitchen the maintenance is worth it. 

If you want to increase the life of your wooden floors (which is not only limited to it being able to hold on but looks-wise as well), you have to treat every spill or accident as an emergency. Moisture spills left unattended for longer durations can cause the wood to swell and warp out of shape too. Finish your floor every 2-3 years to keep its aesthetic appeal alive. 

Final verdict

Installing wooden floors in the kitchens is clearly not a bad idea. Although its maintenance might hit you as a bummer it really isn’t if you have chosen the right type. All in all, wooden floors are budget-friendly (Check out the budget-friendly series by AGT), aesthetic, and sturdy which may sound hard to believe. The options in the market can be overwhelming and if you are looking for wooden floors in Lahore, head to the NTC stores near you. 

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