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Why front load laundry machine is better

Front load laundry machine has become a trend in the new generation. However, there are still quite a proportion of people who still prefer top loaders as having to bend to add clothes is a big no for them. If you fall in the latter proportion of the population, we will give you a handful

Are wooden floors suitable for kitchens?

Kitchen floors are the unsung heroes of the space. As much as those frequent spills and accidental crockery slips affect the counters, we often tend to overlook how it impacts the kitchen floor. Not to mention that kitchen is the most used space of the house and therefore having a floor that can be easily


Ample yet stylish closet space in one’s bedroom can be a hard nut to crack. Wardrobes of a bedroom are the most functional ones and hence tend to occupy more space than any other room’s wardrobe.  From matching the wardrobe with the bedroom interior to picking just the right type, every step requires careful thought

Walk-in wardrobes are changing in Pakistan!

Walk-in wardrobes in Pakistan are considered a house’s most exquisite space.  These closets are impeccably organized with a remarkable range of things they are able to hold. Be it an exhausting collection of one’s clothing, accessories, or shoes, the best thing about these wardrobes is that each type of component is displayed extensively. These closets

Quarantine cooking & good hygiene

With cities locked down, everyone has a lot of time at their hands with absolutely nothing to do. In addition to being highly conscious about good hygiene, thanks to quarantine, people who have never even cooked a thing have now turned to kitchens to experiment with the menu. Not only is cooking cathartic but is

Luxurious kitchens to spruce up your home


In today’s world, a kitchen is not just a place to cook; it has joined the clique of luxurious living spaces. A kitchen that is functional without compromising on its style is every homeowner’s dream. Luxurious kitchens take one’s cooking experience to a whole new level. Italian Kitchens have taken the luxurious kitchens by storm.

Wooden Floors; Pros and Cons

Wooden Floors

Nothing can beat the aesthetics of a wooden floor, won’t you agree? A small cozy house with wooden floors, in a peaceful neighborhood, is a dream. One can find many houses that come with wooden floors. People whose houses lack this extravagant looking amenity often get it installed themselves. Wooden floors don’t only look extravagant