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Guide to amazing wooden floors in Pakistan

With an ever-increasing liking of cosy homes, wooden floors take the lead when it comes to their flooring. Wooden floors accentuate the interior of the house and are also very convenient. Unlike marble or tiles, these floors are suitable for every type of season and do not need to be modified with changing seasons. Wooden

Best tips to maintain wooden flooring – 5 Steps

Wooden floors remain unparalleled when it comes to aesthetics. Be it a lavish mansion or a small cosy cottage, wooden floors can accentuate the entire feel of the house. One can find a plethora of designs and types for wooden floors. Multiple types of wood and shades have now been introduced to cater to the

The new wardrobe trends in Pakistan

Wardrobe trends in Pakistan are changing! Gone are the days when having antique or a more traditional type of wardrobe looked luxurious in a bedroom. While you will still find people who have a thing for ‘Narnia’ type of closets, a number of exquisite designs have been introduced in the wardrobes. The home furnishing companies


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