Must haves for your Bathroom; the basic and luxury Bathroom accessories


Bathroom accessories are some of the most underrated accessories of all the times. Although you don’t need to get too fancy when it comes to bathrooms but oh well, who does not want to have a nice looking bathroom, at the very least?

Let’s start with the basics first:

The basics

Toothbrush holder

While many bath sets offer a toothbrush holder, the chances are that they break (in case it’s glass) or turn rusty (in case it’s in metal).

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If you are now using an old mug for holding the toothbrushes then that’s fine too. But consider buying the one that complements your other bathroom accessories. If you usually put the toothbrush holder inside the cabinet then it should go with the color scheme of the cabinet. However, if your holder is fixed around the sink, make sure it does not disturb the aesthetics of the area.

Bath Mat

Bath mats ought to be carefully picked, there’s no doubt on that. When buying a bath mat don’t primarily look for the one that serves the purpose but also consider the setting of your room (if the mat is placed right outside the bathroom).

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You don’t necessarily need to go for subtle mats that camouflage with the floor. Use a pop-up the color to give your room or the bathroom an exuberant look.

Trash can

The trash can is a must and every bathroom has it. But what many people go for the lid-less ones. Nobody likes looking at trash especially in the bathroom. So buy a bin that has a lid, preferably the one that has a foot control.

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Pick a fixed place for the bin. It should be somewhere around the toilet seat. Avoid using transparent or woven baskets for the bathroom.


Yes, we rarely have scents for our bathrooms but it is a must. No one wants to wait for the exhaust to do the job so that the bathroom becomes breathable again. So, have a scent diffuser inside your bathroom (air freshener).

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You can find the ones that can be fixed on one of the bathroom walls and only need to be pressed once to spread the scent. Or you can also go for a conventional air freshener.

The lights

Having just the right lights for your bathroom is quite a task. Not many people pay heed to it though.

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Break free from using simple bulbs for the bathroom. Use vanity lights to optimize the lights in your bathroom. You can also get additional ceiling lights that can be turned on while taking a tranquil bath.

The luxuries

Bathroom Faucets

Faucets enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom. Faucets are a classic accessory for a bathroom to have. Instead of going for ordinary taps, get a faucet installed that can make your bathroom look sophisticated.

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Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are both ornamental and useful at the same time. These jars can be used to store bathroom salts, cotton balls, and soaps.

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They give a very vintage and luxurious feel. The jars don’t necessarily need to serve the purpose. You can also add potpourri or any other decorative material in these jars.


No matter how small your bathroom is, candles can always light up the mood. Scented candles can make your time spent in the bathroom calming and soothing. After a long hectic day, everyone deserves a comforting bath, wouldn’t you agree? And candles can make a huge difference. Candles are some of the most appealing bathroom accessories that one ought to have in their bathroom. 

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Paying attention to small details in your bathroom can help you transform the way it looks. People even hang paintings and use vintage pieces for the bathroom décor. If you think that’s extra, don’t go for it but at least have the basics plus one or two aesthetic bathroom accessories. 

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