Best tips to maintain wooden flooring – 5 Steps

Wooden floors remain unparalleled when it comes to aesthetics. Be it a lavish mansion or a small cosy cottage, wooden floors can accentuate the entire feel of the house. One can find a plethora of designs and types for wooden floors. Multiple types of wood and shades have now been introduced to cater to the diverse needs of the customers. Gone are the days when you could only find hardwood floors that, well, had their own cons along with the pros. Brands like AGT by NTC are now offering Turkish floors with a variety of finishes; some of the best wooden flooring we have seen so far. 

But the thing is after some time, the charm of the wooden floor goes away as the floor starts to appear dull. In many instances, the floors start to deteriorate within the first couple of years. And the reason may not always be the quality of the floor you picked for the house. The freshness or the condition of the floor largely depends on its maintenance. The way you treat it or take care of it can increase its life. 

And if you have wooden floors in your house, here are some tips to keep them as good as new:

Clean the wooden floor daily

No matter how clean the floor may look, there is always dust accumulating from the shoes even if it’s the best wooden flooring you are talking about.  Dust is a significant part of the air and is always around whether you keep your windows open or not. Dust particles can make your floor appear dull and if accumulated can be harmful when they come in contact with the moisture of any sort. So, always wipe the floor with a dry cloth followed by a wet one occasionally. 

Clean liquid spills before they dry out 

Liquid spills are one of the most damaging kind for the wooden floor.  They are hard to avoid if you have kids and especially when hosting a big gathering. Always keep a soaking towel nearby and clean the spill immediately. If you let it dry over even if it is just water, it is going to damage the very area of the floor.  The floor will soak up the moisture and become flaky. Continued exposure to moisture can make the floor vulnerable to breakage. 

Do not use harsh formula cleaners 

Special cleaners are available for cleaning wooden floors. Do not use the detergents or intense formula cleaners that you use for tiles or marble floors for the wooden ones. These type of cleaners are harsh in action and can substantially damage the texture of the wooden floors. Go for the wooden floor cleaners. They are easily available in every other departmental store.  Give your floors a good cleaning at least once a month with these cleaners. It helps keep them looking spick ‘n’ span. You can also ask around for recommendations for a good brand cleaner 

Refinish them every couple of years 

One of the best ways to give a refresh to a wooden floor is to refinish it once in a while. This once in a while can either be once every couple of years or you may want to do it after at least 3-5 years. The idea is to not let the wooden floor go dull and the time after which you should refinish depends on (a) the type of wooden floor you have chosen and (b) the quality of the floor. So, refinishing is always an option whether you have or haven’t been giving proper attention to your floor. 

Always use furniture pads for the living room

The living room is one of the most crowded places in the house especially if you are fond of hosting gatherings. So, whenever there are more people around dragging and moving furniture is inevitable. Dragging chairs or any other furniture across the wooden floor can leave a mark or scratch on the floor which kills the curb appeal of the floor. And you can’t always push it under the carpet (pun intended. The best way to avoid the wear and tear of your wooden floor is to use furniture pads for the furniture. You can find some good furniture pads here.

Summing Up

Take notes for the aforementioned tips and believe us your floor is going to look good as new for a lengthy period of time.  In case you are thinking of changing or installing new wooden floors do check out AGT Turkish floors by NTC for some of the best wooden flooring options. 

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