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Upgrading your kitchen; the easy and hassle-free way

With the hottest days of summers almost over, it is the perfect time for upgrading your kitchen if you have been wanting to. Kitchens can be one of the most modern places in the house. With interior designers’ growing inclination towards incorporating functionality with western style in kitchens, everyone wants to add a sophisticated touch

Essentials to keeping your kitchen clean

If pandemic has taught us all one thing it would be how one can never be too careful with the hygiene. With the entire world following the common practices for keeping themselves safe, one can’t help but wonder if there is anything we can do to make sure these invisible bad guys (the viruses, of

Why you should choose wall panels over other options

Revamping your house is not always easy on pocket. If the goal is to make drastic changes like redoing the walls or bringing in new pieces of furniture then you absolutely can’t work on a tight budget…is what you will hear many people say. As much as we all enjoy the luxurious changes, who does

Hacks to nail a clutter-free wardrobe space

This pandemic has turned a lot of us in compulsive shoppers who buy everything they can remotely find interesting online. Since there is still a partial lock-down and big gatherings especially indoors are banned, many of us find ourselves with limited number of things we can do in our free time. What looks the most

Organizing your kitchen with these kitchen accessories

Kitchens ought to be one of the most convenient places of the house. No matter how spacious your kitchen is, once you start cooking dinner, the countertops get crowded way too quickly. One of the essentials to keeping your kitchen well-organized and clutter-free is the kitchen accessories. Kitchen accessories are tailored made to keep things

The ultimate guide for choosing the right wall panels for your home

Wall panels add a character to the living spaces. They are one of those things that remain timeless and if used intelligently they can set the entire feel of the house. Panels can be used in different rooms of the house. Not only do they look phenomenal on walls and as walls, the cabinetry of

Revamping your Wardrobe space with these wardrobe accessories!

A well-organized wardrobe space is the stuff from dreams. Wardrobe spaces tend to get messy frequently if they are not organized properly. At times, you are rushing to places and need to get the perfect outfit and the expedition can be a little too wild for the wardrobe. Apart from always making sure that the

Little things that can accentuate your living space

Whenever the plan to revamp living spaces pops up in one’s mind, there’s always a hefty budget clouding the vision. But that is not how it should be. What many people often tend to forget is that little changes have the potential to transform the entire look of the place. The ‘less is more’ mantra

Turkish Wooden Floors that are worth a shot this winter

Chilly weather can be especially intolerable at homes with tiled or marble floors. When it comes to giving homes a cozy feel in the winter, carpeted and wooden floors take the lead. While there are always issues of cleaning with the former, the latter can be difficult to maintain as well. But what is the


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