How colors in home define its aura

The choice of right wall colors in home tends to make one anxious because there are so many colors to choose from. There’s no way to tell which one will look better on the walls of your room, or is there?

This brief guide on color selection for your rooms will make you stop wondering what the world of your home would be like without the right colors in it. Before we start, it is important to understand that colors make your walls and in essence, your home comes alive. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal and taste to the dull, boring palettes of your bricks, but the use of right color also gives you the confidence to channel your inner energy into the colors in home. Without the colors which match your mood and personality, your home is just as good as a black and white monochrome image.

You would be surprised to know that there are certain colors that can change your mood in an instant or the click of fingers and there are some of them which are even believed to have healing powers?

So, here is a list of some colors that can-do miraculous wonders to you and your home.


The color red has associations with passion in one’s life. It is believed to be a force of motivation and drive for many who lack it. It is also a great energizer, as it adds excitement and power to anything it touches, even the outer walls of your house.

On the bright side, it also goes well with doors. Symbolically, color red with a door would mean welcoming passion in your house.

So, if it is a passion that you yearn for, it’s time you introduce yourself to the color red.

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You must have heard the phrase, ‘feeling blue’ a countless time. As much as the color blue has an association with depression, ironically, blue is precisely the color to turn to when you’re feeling, well, blue (sick). It is known that two negatives can together charge a positive and therefore, blue is the color for your walls if you have a habit of shrinking into your shell, every now and then.

So, if you have a chronic illness or suffer from the sable pattern of life, this color can cure it with its healing energies and meditative nature.

For these reasons, blue wall paint makes an excellent choice for painting nurseries or rooms for your younger ones.

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Orange is unarguably the color of creativity mixed with a hint of happiness and energy. Use it in your rooms if you’re in for a creative ride.

The color orange also stimulates your appetite making it the perfect color to paint your dining room or kitchen with.

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Just as Mother Earth’s healing nature lies with its green pastures and moors, green is also regarded as the universal color of healing and harmony.

Use the color green to keep your living spaces balanced.

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Yellow has always had connotations attached with happiness, but more than that it’s the color of self-esteem and confidence.

Just as the bright and shining Sun in your life, it radiates positivity and warmth making you easily approachable.

Choose yellow for your rooms to exude confidence in yourself.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash


Contrary to the existing belief that pink is only for women, the color pink is actually a color to heighten your sixth sense and instincts. It helps in expanding your perception as well by allowing your mind to relax. And of course, it gets you in touch with your feminine side.

If you want to become more open and embrace your female side, go for Pink to paint the walls of your room!

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For we present to you the color of the cosmic consciousness. White is the color that connects us all. It binds our universe together as one. It is widely believed that white was the only color in the world until it sprang out in shades and formed a colorful amalgamation.

If you think this neutral hue is boring for your walls, think again!

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The famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci actually swore that Violet is the color for meditation and connecting with yourself.

Color Violet also has associations with royalty because of its charming resilience. If a royal treatment is what you want, then settle for nothing less but the shades of purple for the colors in home.

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The only thing left to do is to pick the wall color which matches your personality the best and is aligned with the aura of your home. Bring those colors in home and you’ll start seeing their magic spreading around – slowly but surely!

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