DIY Home Decor ideas that aren’t hefty on the pocket


When it comes to revamping one’s house, it takes a lot of courage, financially speaking, to replace the furniture, the wallpaper, or maybe the floors of even a single room. Home decor can be a little hefty on one’s pocket.

As they say, small things can bring a huge difference, have you ever tried doing just that to renovate your home? There is plenty of old stuff that you can make use off or modify to spruce up your aesthetics. Let’s get to a few of those to help you decorate your home and save you a good deal at the same time.

The philosophy of lights

Lights are the ultimate mood setter of every room of the house. Instead of going for the big changes in the lights, try playing around with starry/fairy lights.

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Having them bordered around mirrors is mainstream, we agree. Let’s just rule that option out. If you dig artificial plants in home decor than how about making one yourself?

Take out a few medium-sized twigs from a branch. Make sure that the twigs don’t have leaves on them. Now wash them and spraypaint as you like. Alternatively, instead of spray painting, wrap a starry light around it. Use a pot with sand or Thermopole sheet to keep them in place.

You can also wrap the lights around a piece of paper crumpled in the form of a ball.

Origami; cathartic as well as aesthetic

Origami is not just making boats and frogs out of paper to kill boredom. There are a lot of amazing things that you can create.

One of the most popular ones includes making small birds and hanging them with a piece of thread to wherever you want to place them.

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You can also make butterflies or flowers and paste them on your bedroom’s wall to make it more interesting. You can also make small vases out of paper for your living room side tables. Use acrylic paints to color them. The acrylic paints will make them look more realistic

Paint old furniture

Before thinking about getting rid of the old side table that no longer looks appealing to you, paint it and place it somewhere else. Changing the positions of the furniture tends to change the complete outlook of the furniture at times.

Source: Pinterest

Coming back to the painting part, paint the side table or a chair you don’t like anymore in a light color. Pick a color that complements the rest of the room. You can use a pop color to add a little twist to the room. Place a glass vase over it to accentuate its overall look.

You can also paint the wooden shelves (if you have any) in your living room. Instead of keeping it old school, use neon colors so that it pops out and looks distinct as well.

Add more comfort

Add new cushions to your old comfy couch. You can use bohemian style ones. They are perfect for a traditional aesthetic look.

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Floor cushions, rugs, and bean bags are a few more options. Replace an old couch with a pair of bean bags. Use large-sized floor cushions. Add a new rug at the entrance or under the center table. Go for patterned rugs as they look more eye-catching.

Visit a thrift store

Thrift stores have some of the most amazing vintage stuff that you can make use of. You’d be surprised at what you find there. The best part is that all of the stuff there is very cheap. From antique vases to unique rugs, you will find everything you need to put on your living room shelves there.

thrift store
photo by Natalie on Unsplash

Since it is a thrift store, most of the stuff you will find will be used. Don’t raise your expectations in terms of quality. But a little bit of intense scouting can let you land on gems.

To put it simply, you don’t need a hefty budget to redo your home. Make use of the ideas we just provided you and surprise everyone with your frugal home decor skills.

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