Essentials to keeping your kitchen clean

If pandemic has taught us all one thing it would be how one can never be too careful with the hygiene. With the entire world following the common practices for keeping themselves safe, one can’t help but wonder if there is anything we can do to make sure these invisible bad guys (the viruses, of course) can be kept away from our kitchens at best. That’s why today we will tell you about DuPont’s Corian solid surfaces.

Kitchen ought to be the most hygienic place of the house as what we eat is made there. Be it children, guests, or house help everyone comes to the kitchen. From the floor to the countertops, always keeping everything spick ‘n’ span is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, with a few hacks up your sleeves, you can make your kitchen hygienic and look impeccable. If you are always second guessing whether your countertop is hygienic enough to roll the dough on or whether the floor is wiped nicely, here are a few things you can do to give your paranoia at bay:

Get DuPont Corian solid surfaces as countertops

We all absolutely adore a nice ceramic or marble countertop, don’t we? Why not have one that looks exquisite and is hygienic at the same time then!

Corian solid surfaces are one of the world’s most hygienic ones. These surfaces are built with the material that is resistant to bacteria. These surfaces are non-porous that does not allow any microbes to dwell on them. DuPont Corian solid surfaces are certified and widely used in the healthcare sector.

One of the ways in which the microbes can harbor on your kitchen countertops is through cracks. If your countertop is not sturdy enough to tolerate a lot of pressure and gets cracked up then it can serve as a playground for different microbes. DuPont Corian is also a solid choice when it comes to sturdiness.

You will find a lot of vendors for DuPont Corian solid surfaces online. Just make sure you buy from an official distributor.

Change your cleaning tools every three months

One of the most common ways through which the microbes find their way into your kitchen is through your cleaning tool. This should not take you by surprise as these tools are repetitively being used to clean surfaces in the kitchen.

Take the example of your sponge. It is clearly the most used thing in the kitchen. How often do you change it? Do not tell me you are one of those people who would wait until the sponge is damaged in some way to change it (because that is really gross). You should change your sponge every second month to ensure that no microbes make your sponge their home.

Other tools that need to be frequently changed include your scrubbers, cleaning cloth, and the mops. Scrubbers and cleaning cloth that is used to wipe the countertops are also susceptible to dirt and microbial accumulation. At times, even the hardest of the washing does not do the job. So make sure you change them every third month of their use. Same goes for the floor mop. While the most of you would think it is too much of an investment for you, we would still suggest you do it for your own health. Things fall on the floor all the time in the kitchen and at time you forget to wash them before using them. Mop is what keeps the floor clean and only a clean mop can ensure a clean floor.

Keep minimum things on the countertop

Nothing looks more impeccable than a clutter-free kitchen. All of us would agree how clutter be it in the kitchen or room, invites dirt. The more there is on the countertop of your kitchen, the more there is that can be dirtied.

In order to avoid that, only put the absolutely essential things that want to be accessible all the times on the countertop of your kitchen. If you have limited space in your kitchen cabinets, there are numerous kitchen organizers you can use.

For instance, you will find midway sets that can store a lot of your crockery. These sets can be easily hung on the walls and save your countertops from the clutter and clatter. Further, you can have a larder fixed in one of your kitchen cupboards for storing grocery much more efficiently. Likewise, there are cabinet units and a lot more things in the kitchen organizers that you can use in your kitchen for keeping it more organized without doing much.

Final word

All in all, keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic does not always need to be a hard nut to crack. With a few handy tips and tricks, anyone of us can make our kitchen hygienic. Reach out to our DuPont Corian department and also check out our Kitchen Organizers section to get your hands on the high quality products for your kitchen.

Do let us know the tips and tricks that save your day when it comes to a hygienic kitchen.

Buy DuPont Corian solid surfaces from Naeem Trading Company and get 10 years warranty.

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