Everything you need to know about laminate doors

Whether it is a home or a professional setting, doors are that part of the interior one must never go wrong with. Not only do the doors provide us with the sense of security we need but also form an important part of the aesthetics of the space. With numerous brands offering an overwhelming pool of options in the types, quality as well as designs of the doors, you can literally pick the best the market has to offer. And NTC’s laminate doors is the new deal.

Laminate doors these days seem to be getting a lot of the customers’ attention. This is why we have dedicated this article to tell you everything you need to know about laminate doors.

Let’s settle all the common questions that might pop up in your mind regarding laminate doors!

What are laminate doors made of?

Many people confuse the laminate doors with the veneer ones. Although there are similarities between the two types, the doors are made from different materials and have distinct finishes as well.

Laminate, the material used for making laminate doors, is an artificial material made from flat papers and resins with a few fillers (they can be blocks of different types of wood). These doors can also use Melamine or Fiberglass in place of paper as their one of the materials. Each of these types gives a different level of durability and overall look to the door. The material for the door is packed in such a way that there is no interstitial space between the layers for enhanced resistance against moisture. The frame of the door is generally made from wood.

Since laminate doors are made from ‘artificial’ material, you would find more variety in terms of colors and patterns/texture/design unlike the veneer doors (veneer doors are primarily made of wood).

Why you should have laminate doors?

There are a lot of benefits which make them ideal for a plethora of settings. Some of the prominent ones include:


Laminate doors are not hundred percent wood. These doors use a couple of other layers to provide the kind of strength required from a solid door. These doors are made of laminate, thickness of which can be customized as per the requirements. Unlike veneer, laminate provides resistance against moisture. Doors made from wood warp out of shape upon constant exposure to moisture. The laminate material is also resistant to heat and scratches. These doors can be used in kitchens without having to worry about the durability. The scratch resistance can save you a lot if you have kids who love drawing and scratching on every surface they encounter.


Laminate doors are surprisingly very economical. These doors are not only a better option in terms of durability from the veneer ones but are also budget-friendly. Since these doors use minimal wood, you get enhanced durability in a very economical price. If you need doors for the entire house, laminate doors should be your ultimate choice. Compared to the hardwood doors, you will find these doors to be very cheap. There are a range of options in the laminate doors available in the market.


For those of you who have seen the laminate material, it must be very clear how low maintenance the material is. Likewise, the laminate doors have very low maintenance. The doors can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. You do not have to worry about the accidental stains as they can be easily gotten rid of using different types of door cleaners. This makes them good as new even after a couple of years. These doors offer durability and can remain in the same condition for many years. Wooden doors require finishing every once in a while but laminate doors do not. You can however repaint them if you want to. Their easy cleaning makes them even more economical.


When it comes to the variety, laminate doors clearly take the lead. These doors are artificially prepared and have a lot of options in terms of their texture and color. With other types of doors, you will find only a limited number of shades available (the universal wood ones). Laminate doors are free from any such limitation. You can get the color and texture of your choice as well. These doors also come in a number of finishes. If you do not want to stick with the same color or finish of the doors throughout your house, you can easily do so without having to compromise on the durability or quality of the door.

Summing up

Laminate is a very versatile material. The doors made from it are not only durable but are also very aesthetically pleasing. These doors can prove to be an ideal addition to your house interior if used intelligently.

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