Completing fall home decor this year


The arrival of fall marks rustic home decoration and hues of orange and mustard surrounding our environment. With the changing environment around us, it is almost necessary to complement our home decor with it. This is why fall home decor brings the warmth and cozy feeling that the weather brings with it.
So, here’s a list of the trends for fall home decor this year that you must absolutely use to redecorate your place.

Vintage lights are back in the game

The good news is that vintage and classic designs in lights are taking over this fall season. You can decorate your bedroom by placing a lantern side lamp on the tables. Similarly, choose a candle chandelier or perhaps an old-style trumpet light to complement the theme in your living area.
Luckily for you, Naeem Trading Company has a great variety of vintage and classic lights. So, browse through our lights section online, or visit our nearest showroom and start decorating for fall.

Vintage Lights by Naeem Trading Company

Play with textures

Another trend this year for fall home decor is the multiple textures of seating arrangement in your living spaces. Velvet and fur are two textures that are trending highest for this season. Perhaps, it is high time now that you replace your old sofa with a velvet one. Or maybe you can just add some fur cushions on it to accentuate its style.

You can bring these textures in other rooms as well. Fur can be used to drape tables, instead of table cloths. Not only will it be in line with fall home decor trends, but it will also add a premium touch to your place.

Photo by Kevin Li on Unsplash

Earth tones

This fall season, channel the Earth’s energy into your homes. Gone are the days when orange was the dominating color for fall. Now, earth tones are in the game. From wall colors to the color of your fall – shades of brown, chocolate, bronze, green and darker blues are taking over. Use these colors in the rugs that you buy and the frames you choose for the walls. All of these colors evoke warmth and harmony when used together.

The key to redecorating your space into a fall theme is to make use of the earth tones in all the furniture and the accessories.

Photo by Nasim Keshmiri on Unsplash

Bring the green inside

Everyone loves a touch of nature and green inside their homes. But let’s be honest. It’s fall, which means it is harder to get your hands on a plant that you can maintain easily. But don’t worry. You can beautify your homes this fall by adding spider plants in it.
Or, if you still think that maintaining might become a problem for you – pick an artificial plant to complement your space. Don’t be shy while choosing the plant, because remember, this fall is all about bringing the green inside.

At Naeem Trading Company, we offer a great variety of artificial plants. So, don’t forget to check them out.

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Photo by Nasim Keshmiri on Unsplash

Add more wood around

As we’ve already told you quite a few times now that fall is a time to reconnect with the earth. So, add the final touches to your fall home decor by bringing in more wood and natural materials. This fall, many people are using lighter shades of wood for their flooring. Wooden flooring brings out the color in your accessories too. So, don’t wait up and head out to our nearest showroom today to get your hands on our wooden flooring. You can also explore your options on our website.

Wooden Floor by Naeem Trading Company

If you’re still having second thoughts about wooden flooring, check out our blog on them to clear out your confusion.

Now that you know all about completing fall home decor this year, don’t wait up. Happy decorating!

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