Guest Bedroom: Dos and Don’ts


The festive season is right around the corner, and we all know what that means; guests! Soon, every house will be hosting guests in their homes and that only means that one has to prepare the guest bedroom for when the guests arrive. We understand how anxiety can naturally take over in such situations because you feel that there is no guide to follow or is there?

If you are also worried about how to set up the perfect guest bedroom, worry no more. Like always, we have got your back, and this blog will brief you on all the Dos and Don’ts for your guest bedroom set up and decor.


Here is a list of the things you must do for your guests when they arrive. Most of these need to be done before their arrival. So, have a look at it and make sure you implement these.

Comfort before style

The most important thing to remember while setting up your guest bedroom is to prioritize comfort over making it too stylish or trend. Trends come and go, but comfort is what your guests desire the most. You need to ensure that your guests not only enjoy their stay at your place but are also comfortable in doing so.

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You can set up homely furniture and sitting areas in the room, so they can use the space as they like. Add a working table too. That will allow your guests to set their things up properly.

Bathroom essentials

After your guests have arrived and are comfortable in their guest bedrooms, the next is ensuring their comfort throughout the stay. A major part of that comfort depends on the bathroom essentials. Make sure that you provide your guests will clean towels and linens. Also, see that they have all the bathroom essentials that they might need, which includes the first aid toolbox as well.

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Acquaint them with books and art

We have no doubt that you’d make the most entertaining, cheerful and welcoming host. Still, things can naturally turn a bit boring at times for your guests, considering they’re not in their own homes. Sometimes you’re busy with your house chores. Or if it is a wedding house, there’s only a limited time you can spend entertaining your guests. Which is why there has to be an alternative present for them.

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The best way to fix their boredom is to place books and surround their room with art. Place a small bookshelf in the guest bedroom and adorn it with your favorite paintings.


Now that you know what to do for your guest bedrooms, let’s quickly take you through what, not to do.

No stuffing!

The most important rule here to follow is that less is more. Especially with guest bedrooms, less is always more. The reason is that ideally, you should leave enough space for them to organize their own things in the room, according to their comfort level. If you stuff it too much with things you deem important, your guest might not feel welcomed or comfortable anymore.

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So, make sure that you provide them with the basics and as mentioned above, books and art. The rest they’d do, as per what they like.

Don’t blind them with too many lights!

Lights are an absolute necessity for every room. But one also has to be careful while picking out the right light for their guest bedrooms. You have to keep in mind that there will be different types of people coming in to stay and they all will have different needs and liking. So, ensure that you add functional but minimal lights, which will cater to every mood and need.

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No surveilling!

Lastly, and most importantly, your guests’ comfort and sense of security should be your priority. To make sure that your guests not only feel welcomed but also safe at your home – minimize surveillance. Allow them to set their things up in the guest bedroom as they like. They understand that they’re a guest at your home and would have to follow the customs of your house – but you should also give them space to breathe and to organize their room the way they would want to.

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