Guide to amazing wooden floors in Pakistan

With an ever-increasing liking of cosy homes, wooden floors take the lead when it comes to their flooring. Wooden floors accentuate the interior of the house and are also very convenient. Unlike marble or tiles, these floors are suitable for every type of season and do not need to be modified with changing seasons. Wooden floors in Pakistan now have a booming market and a number of options are available for its customers. 

Whether it is about choosing the colour, texture, or type of wood, one can find numerous brands offering a good deal of options. Each of the brands has a certain area where they specialize in (could be varied in design, durability etc.). However, the brand that makes a cut for us is AGT floors by NTC catering to almost every customer’s needs. AGT offers multiple series each of which is specifically tailored for certain types of spaces with a number of design and colour options. 

The options’ pool is quite wide so let’s just stick to a few of our favourites in wooden floors by AGT:

Effect series 

Those of you who like keeping a very close to natural look for the wooden floors are going to love this one. The effect series by AGT is all about incorporating natural designs and patterns for the floors. The series, as claimed, can bring the ‘nature at your feet’ (metaphorically, of course). 

The series offers a variety of colours and textures in the floor. From what we have explored, the series it best suited for bedroom and personal spaces. If you are looking for wooden floors in Pakistan for personal rooms, effect series by AGT is worth a shot. 

Effect series-Premium 

Wooden floors are a luxury themselves but if you are still looking for a more high-end range then Premium by the effect series is a good option to consider. As the name indicates, the premium range provides you with a more enriched design that is simple and speaks of luxury at the same time. The series also provides you with more rustic options in terms of the colour as well as texture. Not only is this series an accentuated version of the effect series solely by design but it also comes with a few advanced features. 

The range provides sound and heat insulation-enhanced features. It is also more durable than its previous version. If you want a sturdy wooden floor for your living room (where you usually have fireplaces and most of the crowd) then it’s the premium series you should be looking at. 

Effect series-Elegance 

Within the effect series, you can find the magnificent Elegance series. The elegance series is specifically designed for living spaces that demand be to be kept elegant and durable at the same time. While the premium series offers you with the remarkable insulating properties with luxurious design options, the elegance series keep it simple yet stylish in terms of its designs. 

The elegance series also offer close-to-nature designs that give a very wildly natural feel to the wooden floors. You get a total of eight colour options to choose from which pretty much covers every type of interior setting. 

Bella flooring series 

For more budget-friendly options in wooden floors in Pakistan, have a look at the Bella flooring series by AGT. Compared to other luxuriously designed series, Bella won’t be as heavy on your pocket. Being budget-friendly does not mean its design is going to be compromised. The designers of the Bella flooring series have taken special care of the intricate details of the floors keeping them simple yet modern. 

You get six unique options in colours each of which are well suited for every type of living space. The series can provide you with some of the perfect options for bedrooms, living area as well as the kitchen. So, you clearly don’t always need to have a significant budget for the classic wooden floors for your home. 

Summing up

Good wooden floors in Pakistan are a rare find if you ask us. Finding a floor that is not only visually appealing but durable in all the seasons with minimal maintenance can be a hard nut to crack. AGT floors have been in the business long enough to be trusted with quality apart from a plethora of design and colour options. If you are thinking about changing or getting the flooring of your house done, do explore the AGT Floors before making the final choice.

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