Hacks to nail a clutter-free wardrobe space

This pandemic has turned a lot of us in compulsive shoppers who buy everything they can remotely find interesting online. Since there is still a partial lock-down and big gatherings especially indoors are banned, many of us find ourselves with limited number of things we can do in our free time.

What looks the most appealing these days is scrolling through Instagram profiles and websites of some of our favorite brands. And there goes another impulsive buy!

The wardrobe space, however, remains the same. So, clutter seems inevitable. Many of you then think about getting rid of some of the old stuff (donating them is the best way to go about it) but that still won’t suffice in terms of making room for new things and keeping them organized at the same time.

So sit back and relax while we pass down some of the most handy hacks and tricks to achieving more space in the same wardrobe.

Upgrade your wardrobe space using stand racks

The hanging clothes take up most of the space inside wardrobes. There used to be a time when hanging clothes outside wardrobe space was a plain big no but not anymore. With social media influencers showcasing their clothes using stand racks, many people have turned to these lifesaver racks for keeping their everyday attire items like jackets, coats, and formal pants, etc.

You will find a number of size, color, and style options in the stand racks. One of the variants has shelves for keeping shoes and bags as well. People with limited storage space and small bedrooms are now using these racks primarily as their closet. You can use them as an additional storage space. If you are skeptical of how it would look in your bedroom, you can also decorate the rods with stripped lights and artificial plant vines to give them an aesthetic appeal.

Additional accessory storage for the jewelry in your wardrobe space

If you just can’t help buying a piece of jewelry every time you shop, we have just the right hack to solve your problem.  One accessory drawer is clearly not enough for you. Just add another one. Yes, looks pretty obvious still not many think about it.

Even if your wardrobe space does not have space for an additional accessory drawer, you can always resort to your dressing table drawers. Convert one of those drawers into your jewelry organizer instead of just putting everything in the same drawer as tangled chains and stuck up earrings can be a nightmare.  You can also get the organizers made and put them on your dressing table instead of fitting them inside your wardrobe or other drawers.

Another fun way to store your accessories is by displaying them. You can use hooks and rods to hang your antique necklaces and exotic rings somewhere around the wardrobe preferably near your dressing table. You can decorate an entire corner with your hanging jewelry to add an aesthetic appeal to your room. This will keep your jewelry organized, save you space in the wardrobe drawers, and accentuate your room at the same time.

Get shoe racks if you haven’t already

Most of the wardrobe spaces have shoe racks. However, some of the wardrobes still have a lower compartment for keeping shoes instead of racks. Now that this space has no room for additional shoes, get shoe racks from one of the popular wardrobe accessories brands.

There are numerous size options available. Depending on the number of shoes you want to store, get one of these racks. These shoe racks come in amazing finishes. You can also keep them near your closet or even under your bed. Shoe racks help keep your shoes organized and facilitate you the most when you need to pick a pair in a rush.

More hooks for your hats and bags

If you are a sucker for hats and can’t help yourself from getting another bag, we can help you make room for them. Hats and bags are things that can’t be piled up just like clothes. Both the things can take up a lot of space inside the wardrobe.

Get more hooks to hang your bags and hats on. Hooks are the easiest tools that can be used as organizers for hanging stuff. Instead of placing hats on the shelves of the wardrobe, add a hook to the inside of the wardrobe door and use it to hang the hats.

Alternatively, you can also place these hooks at the back of your bedroom door, need the dressing area or at any other visible part of your room. This will allow you to display your collection of hats outside of the wardrobe. Same goes for the bags. The hooks near the hanging rods can be a good place for the bags.

Summing up, be creative and display things from your wardrobe to add more space as well as appeal to the room. Let us know which one did it for you!


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