Home decor types you will fall in love with!

Choosing the home decor type can be arduous if you are doing it for the first time. In order to achieve that aesthetically pleasing vibe in a home, one has to think everything through before jumping directly to the shopping part.

If you are doing the home decor for your new home, planning is literally the key to saving you a lot of physical as well as financial labor. Deciding is always the hardest and most time-consuming part. The rest is comparatively easy.

And you better prepare yourself for the small blunders as they are bound to happen given that you are not the expert in this area (or are you? ;)).

We would love to break it to you that it is the type of home decor that you go with that decides the rest of the things that can go with it. You must be wondering what are those ‘types’ that we are talking about?

Well, we won’t exhaust you with an exhaustive list. However, we do have our favorites ones from the most popular are loved ones across the globe.

So, without further ado, let’s head straight to these types:


Old but still a classic, the rustic feel is everyone’s favorite. Some call it vintage, some called it industrial; all three types are synonymous to each other.

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This type of home decor entails using antique products. The type of flooring generally used with this type of decor is either wooden or marble-based. Although it is not important to make sure that the floor compliments the overall rustic vibe of the decor, it sort of gels in the aesthetic.

Homes that go with a vintage home decor have platinum and steel made decoration pieces. Usually darker shades are used in the rugs. The brown (wooden) color pallet is used to accentuate the look.


Inspired from the ‘less is more’ psychology, the minimalist home decor is adored by those who dig simplicity in aesthetics.

Home decor types
Photo by Hutomo on Unsplash

Minimalist home decor type is more about the furniture than the adornments per se. Even the decoration pieces and rugs you will see are in subtle shades, the former being crystal or glass made largely. The colors generally used in this home decor type are pastels i.e., the white-based shade of every color.

It is one of the most common types of home decor found around the globe. You will see its variations contrasting with each other; what is minimalist in one culture may be too cultural in another.


Mostly found in Asian homes, the bohemian home decor uses a lot of embellishments. It is basically a celebration of rich colors. If you are a sucker for summery and lively vibes then bohemian home decor would definitely seal the deal for you.

Photo by Decor Snob

Using popping colors, numerous paintings on the wall, patterned rugs, products with mirror glass are a few of its striking characteristics. The colors used in this type of home decor are loud e.g. Magenta, red, bright blue, etc.

This type of home decor is very refreshing and is perfect for a summer house redo. But it is sort of risky too as adding too much of color or the adornments can ruin the entire feel of it.

All in all, these are our top three picks and we can safely say that you are going to pick one of them. Do let us know which one resonates with you the most in the comments section below.

Happy decorating!

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