How wall paneling can make your house appear more aesthetic

Wall paneling is changing the way we used to think about panels. Wall panels these days are not only being used as a material for covering the walls or making the cabinets but are now a widely used to make different places of the house look attractive.

Wall panels are one of the most economical ways to decorate the walls of the house. These panels can be used in a variety of ways on the walls as well as in kitchens. The increasing trend of using panels in home renovation has compelled the renowned brands to acknowledge the need and come up with a range of design and style options in them.

In this article, we will focus on the ways in which the panels can be used to make your house appear more aesthetic.

So, let’s get started:

Panels on the ceilings

Ceilings can be some of the most simple and dull places of the house. Not many people think about doing much with their ceilings as it is not among one of the most looked at places of the house. If you are bored with the look of your lounge or bedroom area and want to do something different this time, we would definitely suggest you focus on the ceiling.

Panels on the ceilings can make them look a class apart. Pick the type of panels that can look attractive on the ceilings. We would suggest you not go for the neutral tones as they can be hard to notice at the first glance. Go for a woody or any other exotic tone. You can add ceiling lights to accentuate the entire look. Whether you want to cover the entire ceiling with the panel or add a few blocks in a geometric style is up to your budget and the visual appeal of course.


Panels behind focus walls

Every room has a focus wall. The focus wall is the area that deserves the most attention in terms of the décor. You can decorate the focus walls of different rooms be it the living room or a bedroom with panels. The panels can be used to infuse different textures and pop colors that can enhance the visual appeal of the room.

You can introduce a new texture to the focus wall using wall panels. Experiment with various patterns that you have not used before. If it is the living room you are planning to decorate using panels, there are a lot of things you can do. The rustic look although mainstream but is always a winner. Wooden panels cut in sleek shape go extremely well with this look. Moreover, melamine sheets can look exquisite for a neutral setting. You can also paint the panels with a pop color for a wild and refreshing look.

For the bedrooms, go for patterns like square grid or other geometric shapes on the focus walls. Pendant lights or even side lamps look very elegant with such setting.  You can use contemporary lights with the panels to make the area look even more sophisticated. 3D surface panels are also another good option for the bedrooms.

Panels for kitchen cabinets

The same panels can also make kitchens look spick ‘n’ span and even more spacious. Kitchens that have a very limited space can easily look dirty if a lot of the things are placed on the counters. Panels in such kitchens can make them appear more spacious as well as clean. MDF and vinyl panels work best in the kitchens. These panels are ideal for kitchens as they can be easily cleaned with a single swipe. The kitchen always looks clean with little maintenance.

Panels are largely used in making the cabinets of the kitchen. Not only are they economical and durable but can be used for decorative purposes in the kitchens as well. The panels come in numerous abstract designs and colors. These panels are not only used for the kitchen cabinets but also the walls between the cabinets and the kitchen counters. Introduce new colors and patterns in this area that goes with your kitchen cabinets. If the rest of the kitchen is set in neutral tones, add a darker shade that can make the subject area stand out. You can also go for uniformity in the color but a variation in the design to make things more interesting.


The variation in the panel design, color, and textures ask for a creative take on them. The economical panels can be an aesthetic addition to your house. There are numerous types of panels including Melamine sheets, MDF, and more in the market. Find an extensive range in color, texture, and design at NTC.

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