Interior design upgrades your space desperately needs

If your space has started to give you sad vibes, it could really use some interior design upgrades. Living spaces need to be revamped once in a while to keep them looking afresh. Getting bored of the same old setting and furniture is inevitable.

Changing the look of the house or giving it interior design upgrades is not as drastic as it sounds. Even small changes can make a huge difference in setting the tone of the house. When it comes to interior design, there are numerous things that you can do to make your house seem more lively or charming.

Here are our top picks from the interior design upgrades your house could really use:

Change the accessories of the house

If you are not into changing the interior entirely, you can start with things as simple as getting new accessories for the house. One of the most prominent accessories of the house is the door knobs and cupboard handles. Go a little adventurous and buy interesting shapes and combination colors for the cupboard handles. Using turquoise or other fresh hues of blue on wooden cupboards is one of the trending interior designs these days. Match the door knobs with the interior instead of the door itself. It helps enhance the overall appeal of your interior.

Buy vintage lamps for the entire house. The lamps do not even need to be vintage; you decide what you want to go with. Bring a more coherent look by getting the same kind for the entire house. You can even pick a color and use it for the house accessories. Modern lights are also a very good addition to the house. If your house is not that spacious, use mirrored accessories; accessories that are reflective. A new wall mirror for the living room or the hallway can make the house seem more spacious. Getting new indoor plants for the house will add breathe a new life into the house.

Interior Design upgrades for floors and walls

Walls and floors may not exactly be a part of interior design upgrades but they do play a vital role in bringing harmony in the interior design you want to achieve for your space. The walls and the floor of each room of the house tell a different story. If we talk about the bedrooms, people tend to keep their walls subtle. It is the spaces like living room where walls express themselves the most. You can do a lot of things with the rather dull walls of yours. Bring a nice texture to the walls through DIY painting techniques. You will find various DIY paint tutorials online and don’t even need to hire help at all. Changing the wall paper or adding wall profiles and panels (head to AGT wall panels to explore more) to the walls will also give your walls a new look.

Like walls, floors should look impeccable.  A more finished look not only makes the house look tidy but spacious as well. Marble and vinyl floors are ideal in this regard. Wooden floors can give an extravagant touch, if that is what you want to go for. Further, you can also add rugs to the floor for a more economical option.

Buy statement furniture

One of the most exciting yet crucial things in interior design upgrades is buying new furniture. Buying new furniture can be quite overwhelming. It is a big decision and one needs to invest a lot of efforts to make sure they are choosing the right pieces. While you will find tons of guides on buying the ‘right’ furniture for your house, we suggest you do not read too much of that stuff. First and foremost, come up with the color palette for the furniture. Check if what you have chosen goes well with the walls and floors of different rooms and then go furniture shopping. There are a lot of spontaneous shoppers who like to check out the market first and then decide what they want for their house. We usually do not prefer the latter because you end up buying things that might not go as well as you had thought.

So, give yourself a color pallet to follow and then move to the shopping part. While online shopping is one of the most facilitating ways to shop these days, try buying the heavier pieces of the furniture from retail shopping. Don’t be afraid to go for the second hand furniture as you might many artsy and decorative pieces there.

All in all, we hope our guide helps you out a little in your quest to giving your house the interior design upgrades it needs. Do let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Until next time!

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