Kitchen hoods in Lahore

It is that time of the year where kitchen feel like gates of hell when something is on the stove. Gone are the days when cooking was just a necessity. People nowadays enjoy cooking. In fact many think cooking can be therapeutic at times. Your experience in the kitchen ought not to be just bearable but enjoyable. Having a good ventilation system ensures just that. And that is when kitchen hoods comes into play.

When it comes to a well-planned kitchen with proper ventilation system, chimneys play a vital role. Well, chimneys are quite old school. People have turned to hoods that look exquisite. Not only do the hoods look great but can improve the air quality of the kitchen making it less stuffy. Hoods direct the steam and heat coming from the stove straight out before it spreads in the entire kitchen.

A number of home appliances brands are now offering kitchen hoods in a range of designs and sizes. If you are revamping or building the kitchen from the scratch and are looking for Kitchen hoods in Lahore, look no further as we have compiled a list to help that are just perfect for your kitchen.

Here are a few of our favorites from a renowned Swiss home appliances brand, Franke:

Cooker kitchen hoods

Franke has a range of cooker hoods to accommodate every type of kitchens. These cooker hoods come in a plethora of sizes and designs. The Swiss brand offers kitchen hoods with glass plates that accentuate the entire kitchen’s setting. These hoods are not only aesthetically appealing but highly functional making sure that the smoke cloud does not form for longer duration over the stove. When it comes to colors, you can go with as basic as silver or as edgy as black or white. These hoods come in variable price range, hence can accommodate every type of budget.

Kitchen hoods with economical bundle offer

If you are building kitchen for a new house then you might be looking for something that is not hefty on your pocket. Buying things in deals or bundles would be a much better option than getting them separately. Usually home appliances stores or brands have seasonal offers that include a variety of items.

For kitchen, Naeem Trading Company with its affiliate Swiss brand Franke has a very economical bundle in store for you. The bundle includes kitchen hood, electric oven, and a hob in as less as PKR 195,000 rupees.  If you buy the three appliances separately, it will cost you almost twice as much. The three appliances included in the bundle are a must for every kitchen and what is better than buying them under one roof and at half the price. The hood’s design is very sleek with cutting edge technology. It is an ideal addition to kitchens with a very modern feel.

Integrated cooker hoods

Integrated cooker hoods (downdraft) offer a practical solution to kitchens that do not have ample space to accommodate the normal cooker hoods. These hoods are sleek in design with a very sophisticated feel. Integrated cooker hoods (downdraft) are perfect for elemental kitchens. If you are looking for highly functional solutions with minimal maintenance, downdraft is it. With high-tech features, the downdraft hood is very easy to use.

Unlike the traditional range hood, downdraft can be easily cleaned. One does not need to wait to find time for its cleaning as it is at a reachable height.  The downdraft is only visible when you start cooking. It goes back inside automatically when not in use to make the counter top appear more spacious. However, these hoods are not as efficient as the traditional ones in preventing the smell to diffuse throughout the kitchen. You can find a range of designs for the downdraft by Franke in our home appliances section.


Finding a kitchen hood in Lahore is not a drill now. There are a number of brands offering a range of traditional as well as downdraft technology hoods all over Pakistan. Majority of the home appliances stores also have either in-house installation team or can connect you with one to facilitate you even more.

Once you are clear on how much you want to spend on a kitchen hood, the choice should be very easy for you.

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