Little things that can accentuate your living space

Whenever the plan to revamp living spaces pops up in one’s mind, there’s always a hefty budget clouding the vision. But that is not how it should be.

What many people often tend to forget is that little changes have the potential to transform the entire look of the place. The ‘less is more’ mantra does hold true in home renovation as well. You could change a rug and it can breathe life into your room.

So if you are looking for thrifty yet intriguing ways to style your living space we have a number of suggestions lined up for you.

Here is what you can do:

Bring in a new table

There can never be too many tables in a living space. Some of the tables are used to enhance the curb appeal of the room while others are strictly functional. To change the vibe of the room, pick a classy coffee table that looks different from the rest of the furniture. You will find a good deal of designs in coffee tables. Due to their increased demand especially amidst the pandemic, a number of lifestyle brands as well as Instagram pages have started selling coffee tables with unique designs. So, you will not have classic wood coffee tables but the ones that are 100% customized as per the clients’ needs (how cool is that!).

Besides, you can also bring a Murphy table for a corner. A murphy table gives you space to put decorative pieces on it. You can add a nice piece on the top, throw in a few magazines in another slab and keep the third slab (if it has it) for functional use. These tables usually come in pure wood and look breathtaking if used properly.

Revamp with a new rug

Rugs are one of the easiest yet stylish ways to give a new touch to every space. The best part about them is that they can either be hanged or simply put on the floor, equally elegant both ways. You can get a rug that pops out in a room. Go for groovy and funky designs if you really want people to notice the change in the living space. Pick colors that complement the sofas and cushions in the room. For instance, if you have already used a lot of color in the room, go for a rug in black ‘n’ white stripes.

One of the most intelligent ways to use a rug is by hanging it on the focus wall. I have seen many people pull it off. You will need an eye for the right design and size for it though. Pick a design that could accentuate the wall it is supposed to hang on. You do not have to go for a triangular one; experiment a little with the shape of the rug.

Introduce a plant

Plants surely are the new hot trend everyone is going crazy about these days. If you do not have any in the living room as of yet, it is high time that you get one or two or maybe more? Since it is the living area we are talking about, only consider having a living plant if it is sun-lit. Living plants not only look amazing in the living rooms but freshen up the air quality too.

What most of the people are going for these days are the artificial plants. There are a plethora of designs and sizes in artificial plants. From a glass or pen holder sized one to the really elaborated one, the variety can be overwhelming. Decide where you want to put the artificial plant first. Once you are done deciding that, shop for one online. Most of the brands have the online shopping option on their website. With flowers or without them (artificial, of course) you pick.

Hang a pendant light over the focus area

One of the best ways to completely transform the entire feel of the room is by introducing a new light or changing them entirely. But we will stick to the former because we want to keep the change thrifty. A pendant light can do the deed for you (pun intended).

There are numerous options available in the pendant lights. You can hang them over the main table in the living room or on the corner focusing on a decorative piece. The best part about these lights is they help bring focus to the area you want to highlight the most in the living room. Single solid body or organic groupings, you pick.


There is so much that you can do without changing much in your living room. Make sure these small changes are noticeable by playing with new colors and designs. All you need it dedication and of course our article guiding you to reach the right decision (*wink).

Happy revamping!


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