Luxurious kitchens to spruce up your home


In today’s world, a kitchen is not just a place to cook; it has joined the clique of luxurious living spaces. A kitchen that is functional without compromising on its style is every homeowner’s dream. Luxurious kitchens take one’s cooking experience to a whole new level.

Italian Kitchens have taken the luxurious kitchens by storm. It won’t be wrong to say that Italian kitchens have now become synonymous to luxurious kitchens.

And when it comes to Italian kitchens, Italy’s Scavolini takes the lead. Scavolini is a high-end brand that has a plethora of options to choose from.

Let’s have a look at some of our favorites by the Italian brand:


Motus by Scavolini

Credits: Scavolini

For those who want a subtle color pallet for their kitchen, Motus by Scavolini is just perfect. Designed in the hues of grey, the gloss finish on the door and cabinets makes the kitchen appear even more spacious.


LiberaMente by Scavolini

Credits: Scavolini

LiberaMente makes use of Pearl grey leather doors for the cabinets that give a very neat finish to the kitchen. With a diverse color pallet to choose from, it gives you all the more reason to spend a little more to give your kitchen an Italian feel.


Flux swing 2nd generation

Credits: Scavolini

A combination of straight and curved lines, flux kitchen takes inspiration from the sophisticated Giugiaro Design. Its flatline version looks absolutely chic with no handles at all. With the incorporation of the tip-on system, this kitchen comes with pull-out baskets with handles subtly placed into the top or side of the door. The flux kitchen is now also offered in Alaska Blue that has a new steel bridge-type handle (for the version with handle). It is also available in red and white.


Food shelf by Scavolini

Credits: Scavolini

When Kitchen meets the living room, things may get a little messy. With Foodshelf, you get the comfort of the living room along with a brilliantly designed kitchen, a combination of which is made for each other.



Credits: Scavolini

Tetrix sets your kitchen apart by using a combination of colors that complement each other. Customize these colors as you like. The design also offers you the flexibility of getting the parts of the kitchen personalized. Moreover, you get 20 pre-made colors kits designed by Michael Young.



Credits: Scavolini

Concept kitchen that is made to provide you comfort while cooking and looks minimalistic at the same time. The wood furniture makes it all the more captivating giving it a very rustic feel. For a minimal kitchen design with a homey touch, Diesel is an ideal choice.



Credits: Scavolini

With a domestic setting, SAX kitchen looks very familiar. The kitchen is designed keeping a traditional household in mind. Come up with your own combination with a range of colors to choose from.



Credits: Scavolini

Traditional in the looks and elegant in design, Baltimora is no less than a piece of art straight out of Baltimore. It makes use of White Oak that gives it the kind of sophisticated touch it needs. Baltimora looks absolutely stunning with finishes that reiterate its elegance.



Credits: Scavolini

Evolution is a concept kitchen that takes things up a notch with its square futuristic design. With clean hues like White, the kitchen looks absolutely breathtaking at first glance. However, you do get a myriad of color options to choose from.



Credits: Scavolini

Madeleine in Chestnut version is an amalgamation of intricate designing and solid wooden interior. Open-fronted end units (available for base units, islands, and tall units, as in this particular configuration) are available for exceptional modularity.



Credits: Scavolini

Colony provides a contemplation corner with the proper study table, shelves to go with a modern kitchen that merges with its surroundings and looks distinct at the same time. For efficient utilization of space without compromising on the aesthetics, Colony is the answer.


These are some of Scavolini’s most popular ones and our personal favorites. The Italian brand offers numerous color variations.

Head to our Italian Kitchens page for details.

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