Must consider these steps to pick the right floor

The floors of one’s house are the most exposed to the wear and tear of daily life. Many people go for AGT wooden floors throughout their house. Different rooms have different sorts and number of visitors each day and this is the first thing kept in mind when designing a house. For instance, if you are revamping the lounge area the very first thing you are going to think about is how it is going to be filled with guests quite often and therefore needs to be well lit and spacious as well. Likewise, apart from the lights and furniture, flooring plays a significant role in each room. A bathroom’s floor is going to be a heck lot of different from the bedroom’s. 

You may know what type of floor is good for each type of room but picking just the right flooring that could last longer is a hard nut to crack. Let’s try to find out what type of flooring you must look at when revamping or designing a house from scratch for each type of space in the house:

Hero of the house; the living room 

The living room is, wouldn’t say most used, the most visited places of the house when you have guests around.  One’s living area should speak of comfort and breathe liveliness to the guests. When we talk about its flooring, using Premium series by AGT wooden floors is a very good option. The series provides a bunch of options in terms of the colours and design to choose from. What ticks the box for us is that the floor offers heat and sound insulation which is a good fit for one’s living room. 

Lousiest of all; the bedroom 

The bedroom is a very personal space and its ambience speaks a lot about its person. While people decorate the lounge according to the need of the guests with of course one’s own aesthetic preference, one can experiment a lot with their bedroom. If we talk about its flooring, there are plenty of options. If you are an all-wooden-floors type of person you may want to look at the exquisite Natura laminate series by AGT wooden floors. However, that not in favour of wooden floors can have tiles or a marble floor instead. The drawback of using the latter is that it is not a good fit for winters.


Did somebody say food? Has to be the kitchen

Mothers AND fathers (Oh please, we live in a progressive world) have a love-and-hate relationship with the kitchen.  They spend a lot of time cooking in there. One’s kitchen ought to be the most facilitating space of the house as there’s already a lot of heat in there. You can pick resilient wooden floors for your kitchen as well. Make sure they are laminated so that dealing with the occasional spills does not become a nightmare. However, cleaning tiles and marble is a lot easier and is always preferable for kitchens. The sturdy floor can also take a lot of wear and tear when it comes to the accidental breaking of the crockery. 

Hygiene’s favourite; the bathroom 

We use the bathroom a lot. For some people, it is a space that just facilitates us the most. While for others, a lot of decorating and thinking goes into designing their bathrooms. People often turn it into one of the most luxurious spaces of the house (let’s just say it; you can afford the luxury). For bathrooms, tiled floors are always preferred. They are easy to wipe and resilient when it comes to moisture. There is a lot of variety in tiles in the market. 

The bridge between the rooms; the hallway 

Whether you want to go to your bedroom or kitchen, you just can’t bypass the hallway, can you? So the hallway automatically becomes the most important space of the house without being anyone’s favourite. In order to make sure that your house looks spick ‘n’ span all the time, the hallway needs to remain tidy. Picking tiles or marble would be a sane choice unless you want the entire house to have wooden floors. For the former type, use colours that can reflect the light of chandeliers better in order to make an impression at the entrance. If you are going for the latter, use laminated floors for added protection. 

All in all, if you start exploring, you won’t ever run out of options. Just pick wisely, in the beginning, to save yourself from the hassle of the daily grind. 

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