Bronze Oak Polished – Solid Engineered Door


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Type: Solid Engineered Door
Wood: Oak (Pre-polished)
Height: 94″, Width: 27″ 30″ 33″ 36″ 39″ 42″
Thickness 40mm



Multilayer alignment provides it a more stable structure.
These doors are more flexible in their design.
Robustness and soundproofing quality come naturally to the engineered core. It is this core that sets the Solid Engineered Door apart.
Terms & Conditions apply
Color in real life may slightly differ from the product shown in the picture.
*The price of the door is without the frame, handle and accessories.

Note: Polish is not included in the price. For further details, please contact on our WhatsApp +923011268682


(Wooden Door Frame with Architrave for 25000)

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Reasons to buy Solid Engineered Doors: https://bit.ly/3hQeaAE


Technical Drawing

Why Sandor?

Sandor excels in manufacturing a range of decorative timber doors with cutting edge technologies. Offering myriad of options in the types of doors, the Malaysian company provides end to end solutions to meet the customer needs.

Why Solid Doors are better?

In solid doors, the multilayered structured is replaced by one-piece components to give it a stable structure. You can either have a continuous piece of wood made into a door of intersecting pieces of the same wood combined together to form a structure. As long as it has only one type of wood, it is a solid door.

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You can also get Waterproof, Fire Rated, Durable or Soundproof Doors on order.


Weight 40 kg


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