Secret Corner Mounted To Lid S-3002


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Dimensions (mm): Width x Depth x Height 860-965 x 530 x 530

C (mm): 450 mm Right

Volume CBM (m³): 0.132

Weight (kg): 21.6

• Available on corner cabinets.

• Carrying capacity for front carrier 15 kg, back carrier 20 kg.

• Provide silent and smooth closing with Soft Closing slower piston placed on carrier mechanism.

• Door fasteners are mounted on the module cover, the cover can be set three axis for square.

• Baskets can be installed onto the channels with desired distances on the carrier mechanism

• When you open module door; baskets on the front carrier come out at the same time baskets on the behind carrier move and have easily accessible position.

• Right or left direction can be chosen for mechanism and baskets are chrome-plated, carrier mechanism is painted grey.

Mounting Guide: PDF here


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