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In today’s world, decorating your home while keeping in mind the impact of a few materials can become tricky and challenging. Which is why recycled home decor is the best route to bring out your imagination into the space of your house and spruce up your home.

The use of sustainable and environmentally friendly products is at its rise. While the use of many products is becoming obsolete, decorating your home every now and then can never go out of fashion. It is almost a necessity that not only keeps your home up-to-date but adds that extra creative touch to it.

We understand that DIY projects can also take a huge dip in one’s financial pool and therefore, we have a list of recycled home decor ideas that will require no need to buy any expensive material.

Here is a list of recycled home decor ideas which makes use of products already available at your homes and upcycle them into accessories and things that you use on a daily basis.

Hand-crafted newspaper bags

There’s always someone in every household who has a habit of reading newspapers. Every morning, they set out, drag a chair and read the news from around the nation and the globe. But have you ever wondered how newspapers become useless after a week? Excess paper waste can be damaging to the environment.

Say no to waste by making hand-crafted newspaper bags. All you have to do is to take a used newspaper and fold it neatly into a bag. Glue the edges carefully. Punch holes at the top to insert strings. Now, you will have your own green bag to carry your basic accessories.

If you want to make it more appealing, you can paint it and voila!

You can also use these bags for your children’s birthday give away or any similar purpose.

Credits: Guide Patterns

Bottle bird feeders

An important part of taking care of the environment is to take care of its habitat too. Birds are an important part of this system. So, let’s do something helpful for them.

You’ll need an empty plastic bottle, a plastic spoon, and grains for the birds to eat.

Simply cut out a whole on the side of a plastic bottle, glue the spoon in it and pour out the grain inside, until it comes out of the spoon. You can replace the spoon with a pencil as well.

And there you have it, a recycled bottle bird feeder.

You can place it outside your homes or on the walls. Paint the bottles with bright colors to attract the birds and also to make your feeders look appealing to the outside eye.

Once your neighbors see you setting such a thoughtful pleasant and colorful example, they’ll follow in your footsteps.

Credits: Inhabitat

Innovating pencil holders

We all have a bunch of metal cans lying around the house and we all have a ton of abandoned pencils, pens and stationery. No matter how much you try to organize them, they can only be sorted in a holder. Now, if you were to buy pencil holders every time you have a pencil problem, you’d probably go bankrupt in a few years (It’s a little exaggeration, but you get the gist :p)

To fix this conundrum, the simple solution we present to you is to change innovate your pencil holders.

Use an empty can and cut out a hole in it. Make sure to smoothen the edges with paper or glue. After that, you can decorate it with the help of paints, newspaper, threads or sheets.

With this craft, say goodbye to pencil problems forever.

Credits: Modern Mrs. Darcy

Use these DIY recycled home decor ideas to make positive changes to your home. It will soothe the inner artist in you and all these ideas are really fun and super easy to do.

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