Revamp your kitchen in less than 5 lac rupees

Revamping kitchen with the design that matches up to the standards of the rest of the house and is economical at the same time is not everyone’s cup of tea. Kitchen is one of the most functional spaces of a house. Cooking for long hours can be tiring if the kitchen is not functional enough. So, if you are thinking of redoing your kitchen or getting new accessories for that matter, we have got a list prepared that can help you revamp your kitchen in less than PKR 500,000.

Here is what we will pick if we were to revamp your kitchen:

Economical bundle for kitchen appliances

To get started, you need to look for deals that offer appliances in package. This is a very economical way of going about it since our target is within PKR 500,000. A lot of stores offer such packages on a variety of occasions. Buying things in deals or bundles would be a much better option than getting them separately. Usually home appliances stores or brands have seasonal offers that include a variety of items.

For the basic kitchen amenities, Naeem Trading Company with its affiliate Swiss brand Franke has a very economical bundle in store for you. The bundle includes kitchen hood, electric oven, and a hob in as less as PKR 195,000. If you buy the three appliances separately, it will cost you almost twice as much. We want to stick to our target so this is ideal for us. The three appliances included in the bundle are a must for every kitchen and what is better than buying them under one roof and at half the price. The hood’s design is very sleek with cutting edge technology. It is an ideal addition to kitchens with a very modern feel.  Having a hood is way better than traditional chimneys as it offers a much better ventilation system.

AGT Sheets to revamp kitchen floors and cabinets

Next thing in line is the kitchen floor and cabinets. Since long hours are often spent in kitchens on cooking, it is important that the floors are comfortable and easy to clean as well. In the economical floors department, AGT sheets take the lead. If you get the sheets in bulk for the cabinetry as well as the floor, it will save you a lot of bucks.  You can either go for the same sheet for the floors and the cabinets or color coordinate. Made in Turkey, these sheets are durable and have a very facilitating easy to clean action. Naeem Trading Company (one of the stores that deal with AGT sheets) have discounts on AGT sheets every now and then so you should always be on a look out. Once you have found the sheets that go well with the rest of the kitchen’s interior, you are sorted for the floors and cabinetry.

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories include larders, midway sets, under-workbench, trash bins, dish stands to name a few. These accessories are extremely important to make a kitchen functional. If you go on and buy these accessories separately, it might be hefty on your pocket. You should look for deals or vendors that offer discounts. These discounts are available all around the year.

Some of the basic ones that you need to complete the needs of the kitchen include a larder. Larder might look like a non-essential item but it can make effective use of the space. Instead of having to sort different cabinets for spice and other groceries, a larder brings order to the cabinet and allows you to organize everything much more effectively. For keeping all the dishes and pans in place you need a midway set. Pick out the size according to your needs. Make sure that it does not make the counter look crowded. For the cutlery, you can get a cutlery drawer designed.  You can get a carpenter prepare it for you and it won’t even cost that much.

Paint the walls (not necessary)

If your kitchen has walls that need to be redone, you should try to clean them up to complete the look of the kitchen. Get a pair of rollers and you can paint the walls yourself. It is easy and would also save you on having to pay for it. Again, it is not necessary and you should only go for it if the budget allows.


For the faucets and sinks, you can get your vendor for home appliances cut a deal for you. All of the things that we have covered are basic necessities for every kitchen. If you get them as per our recommendations, you can easily revamp your kitchen within the said budget. If you still have confusions, head to our kitchen category and explore even further.





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