Why you should and should not have Solid Doors


The most captivating of its kind, solid doors are everyone’s favorite wooden doors. Be it a house or a commercial building, you will definitely find at least one solid door. In solid doors, the multilayered structure comprises of one-piece components to give it a stable structure. So you basically have either a continuous piece of wood made into a door or intersecting pieces of the same wood combined together to form a door. As long as it has only one type of wood, it is a solid door.



The aesthetics

When it comes to the visual appeal of the doors, solid doors always take the lead. Since these doors are made up of pure hardwood, their aesthetics are effortless. You will get plenty of designs to choose from when it comes to wooden doors.

Less sound transmission

Since these doors are dense, there are lesser chances for the sound to be transmitted through them. Unlike PVC doors, these doors are heavy and it is this weight coupled with the density that reduces sound transmission.


Compared to PVC doors, solid doors are more durable. Although costly a wooden door is a one-time investment. Once you invest in a solid wood door, you don’t have to worry about it cracking under duress. Since engineered doors are made up of different types of material, the overall gelling of the materials with each other may not be as compact as the solid one. The materials’ alignment with each other compared to a material that does not need to be aligned is always going to be one step behind in compacting. So, the solid doors are better in terms of strength as well. The wooden doors are able to bear the slams that any other door might succumb to. So if you have grumpy kids who are always slamming and jamming doors, a solid door will save you from the ordeal of fixing the door over and over again.


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The maintenance

Just as your wood furniture needs to be re-polished every once in a while to give it a good as a new look, the oak doors follow the same drill. You will have to either do that yourself or ask a carpenter to do it. Either way, you are going to have to spend on it.
Further, as the doors are heavy, their hinges might give out. The hinges need to be replaced after a while as well.

The price

Wooden doors are also very pricey compared to other types. It is because these doors are literally large pieces of pure wood. The hefty price that you pay is for the durability of the door. You won’t have to worry about the lifespan of these doors.

Harsh weather tolerance

The major downside of these doors is their negligible weather tolerance. The wooden doors are not resistant to moisture and swell, warp, and even shrink on constant exposure to it. This, in turn, causes the door to jam. The presence of moisture can also stimulate the growth of molds. Moreover, solid doors are not even resistant to termites. The doors need to have a protective
coating which is going to be pricey.

Their use

Generally, all the entry doors are solid doors. However, if the entry door does not have a shade, people go for engineered doors.
Bedroom doors and other interior doors in a house can also be solid doors. Essentially solid doors as well as the engineered ones both can find their use in residences.

Our Word

Solid wood doors are an excellent choice for people who are very certain about their aesthetics. These doors look exquisite and complement every house. Although the price might look a little too much compared to other doors it’s actually a one-time investment. But if you live in an area where there is generally more humidity, going for wooden doors won’t
be wise.

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