Sprucing up your living room this fall

Fall is just around the corner and your house could really use some warming up. This is the season of lazy. People like to spend more time at home, in the living room, binge watching seasons, having movie marathons with friends, and much more. Most of us wind up in our living rooms whether we are home-alone or have friends over. The living room ought to give a very cozy vibe so that you could spend more time there since staying in bed all day is not an option.

So, how about sprucing up your living room for the fall this year? From changing little things to the more drastic ones, here are a few living room ideas worth a shot:

Pick warm toned sofa pillows for your living room couch

Sofa pillows or cushions add a statement to your living room. Majority of the living rooms already have it. For fall, look for cushion covers that are not only warm but aesthetic as well. Most of us think going bohemian might not be a good option for the season but if you pair them right with dark toned sofas and the living room wall, your living space will give a very edgy yet comfy feel. Do not be afraid of using color pop as it would help enhance the curb appeal of the living area.

Redo your living room walls

There are a plethora of things you can do with your living room walls. Painting walls with a new color is a no brainer. If you have a roller brush at home, you just need a new color. Pick a very different color. Paint just the focus wall if the color goes well with the color your walls have already. Try bringing texture with a paint scrapper. For a more rustic look, you can use wall profiles on one of the walls of your living room. AGT wall profiles offer a range of economical wall profiles that are perfect to give the fall vibes to your living spaces. You can cover half of the wall with panels or cover the ceiling with it, either will do.

Bring in cozy contemporary lights

For the fall living room ideas, changing the lights is our personal favorite.Lights set the mood of the room. It is the reason why we have dimly lit lamps on the side tables of our bedrooms. If you are a sucker for yellow lights and do not have any in the living room, it is just the right season to bring some in your living area. Strategic planning to the lights of the living room is the key. You do not want the room to appear dull but it has to feel cozy at the same time. If you have a corner in your living room, you can introduce a mini pendant light to help the area stand out on its own. Multi-tiered pendant with yellow LED bulbs look modern and very warm as well. Get ceiling lights if you do not have any.

Trade the old with the new

If you are tight on the budget and have literally nothing to spend to revamp your living room, selling the old couch is always an option. We all have old pieces of furniture that can be easily sold. If you have any old furniture that you can sell, trade it for a new piece. The new piece does not need to be ‘new’. You can get antique pieces of furniture for a really good deal online. A new piece of furniture in the living room adds freshness to it which is essentially what you want.

A rug or an art piece for the wall, perhaps

Rugs remain an all-time favorite for every space in the house. Rugs are an ideal addition in winter to keep the feet warm and enhance the curb appeal of the space. You can either go for more earthy rugs or go for colors that match the color palette of the sofas. You can make a bold statement with patterned rugs if the living room is missing artsy designs. For a more luxurious feel, you can use shag carpets for the living area.

Getting a new painting or any other artsy pieces for the walls can also give your living room a very exuberant look. You can find a lot of interesting pieces at thrift and vintage stores.


All in all, you can do a plenty of things to revamp your living room. With the few of our favorite ideas, we will leave the rest to you. Get creative and do not be afraid to make bold statements this fall.

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