Summer home decor trends this year


As soon as the summer sunshine hits the window panels, it is not only our wardrobe that needs to be adjusted accordingly but the living spaces too.

Whether it is the bedroom or TV lounge, one’s house ought to give a summery vibe. While stuffing up couches may seem like a dope idea for winters, you’d notice how too much pillows kill the whole airy and fresh feel of the living room. That is what the summer home decor trends are all about.

Just as every other thing needs to be adjusted according to the season, your house too needs a little attention. So, if you are thinking of preparing your house for summers, here are the top trends you ought to follow:

Plants for the win

When it comes to summer home decor trends, how can one miss plants! With the ever-increasing trend of having artificial plants in homes, summer is a perfect time to spruce up your living spaces with foliage.

Photo by Milada on Unsplash

For indoors, it is always advisable to go for artificial plants as they are way easier to maintain. One can find a plethora of online stores selling artificial plants that can be confused with the real ones. These plants can be placed on tables, at window corners, side consoles, and can even be incorporated on bookshelves. 

Color pop never goes out of style

Summer home decor trends are all about bright colors and lively vibes. Color pop in furniture or home decor is very in. A single bright colored floor rug or even a table mat can really lighten up a monotone room.

Sofa with colorful cushions
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Just be careful not to add too much color as it could make it look worse. If you are skeptical about using color, go for small changes like a colorful vase or a wall hanging. Or you can even go for a vintage vase and add brightly colored flowers in it. Put the flower vase in the focus area of the room. You don’t necessarily have to go for the real flower (unless you don’t have a problem changing their water occasionally). You can also get fake ones from the market.

Also, you can use colorful patterned or floral cushions on a couch. It will give your living room a very artsy vibe, the kind guests would definitely want to spend their time in.

Vibrant doors

Doors are an important component of a house’s aesthetics. Many people invest in luxurious wooden doors to enhance the curb appeal of the house. To spruce up your house for summers a little, try painting a door. In fact, it is one of the reasonable options you can go for to give your house a makeover. You can paint the entrance door in a popping color.

colored door
Photo by Pavel on Unsplash

One of the interior doors can also be painted in a color. But in that case, you will have to make sure that it goes with the rest of the interior. 

Rustic vibes

If you are a sucker for the vintage stuff, a rustic setting is perfect for your house. Incorporate more woody furniture. The cherry on top if you have a wooden floor installed. Don’t use marble as it can kill the whole vibe. Just be consistent while decorating the whole house.

rustic living room
Photo by Joshua on Unsplash

Assorted accessories

Perfect for every setting, an assortment of accessories is the easiest way to revamp your house this summer. Generally, the accessories of a house include cushions, rugs, wall hangings, decorative pieces like vases, stationery holders, and whatnot. There are so many things you can play with.

Sunflowers in a vase
Photo by Eea on Unsplash

Go for Bohemian style cushions, patterned rugs, an artsy painting, a vintage vase, etc. You can find a lot of this stuff in a Sunday market or a thrift store (you will be surprised at the amazing stuff thrift stores have).

Going monotone

Pastel colors are perfect for monotones. As summer decor is all about keeping it light, monotones can really help set that kind of a mood.

Photo by Sonnie on Unsplash

Light hues of blue, pistachio, grey, or even yellow can look really good. Going monotone does not restrict you to only use one shade of a color. You can play around with the color and use different shades of the color that you pick.

Hanging chairs

Who would mind a comfy hanging chair in their house? A hanging chair looks chic, extremely comfortable and fun to sit on at the same time.

Put the chair outdoor or place it in the TV lounge, the chair can look equally well in both the settings.

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