How to ace sustainable home decor


Sustainable home decor is the gateway to bringing out your creative ideas and breathing life into them. They change the outlook of your house by making minor, yet effective changes. Not only will you get the feeling that you’re living in a new house, but the change will also be a welcoming one.

With a continuous rise of expenses in sustaining home decor, it is becoming increasingly difficult to design a plan which will not only spruce up your home space but will also be cost-effective and friendly with the environment. To not let that stop you from revamping your home in style, go for sustainable home decor.

Here are a list 7 steps you should adopt right away for sustainable home decor.

Get Creative – Restyle and reimagine your furniture

In today’s world, creativity is the one thing which sells the most and yet remains the most innovative. Since every man has his own vision of an object in their mind, it is very less likely that one can ever run out of their creative fuel.

To make your living space more sustainable, let out the creative animal in you. Pick objects which otherwise seem a waste and transform them into your own home décor projects.

You can re-paint an old furniture piece, change its location or simply place the furniture in your room in a different manner.

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Color the greenway

Did you know that there are paints which contain harmful components for the environment, such as VOCs? These volatile components react with the surrounding element to produce elements which cause significant harm to the air you breathe.

Choose wisely, for your sake, for the sake of your children and for your pocket. (We know to maintain wall paints can be expensive)

But that only happens when you select the wrong paint. To ramify that, make sure that you select a wall paint with natural elements.

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Use sustainable wood furnishing

Wood furnishing is the heart of all home decor. Whether it is present in the form of doors, floors, wardrobe or a cabinet, wood brings out the shine and the elegance which your home space deserves.

However, the wrong choice of wood can prove to be harmful to the environment and cost you a lot in maintenance. To fix that, your wood choice should reflect the environment consciousness with which you want to bring sustainable home decor in your house.

Door by Naeem Trading Company

Choose natural materials

An important step in redesigning your home space is to go natural!

When you’re out shopping for essential home materials, make sure that you choose natural materials. Whether you’re selecting towels for your washrooms or linen for your bedrooms, natural materials would sustain the product for a longer time.

Another important way to reduce the use of toxic materials in your home is to say no to plastic. With the latest trends in the industry, every market is producing cloth bags or recycled bags. Buy one of those and you’d be good to go!

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Bringing nature and the hues of green inside your home is an important step in sustainable home décor. You can style your living spaces by placing plants and shrubs in the corners. This will make your corners relevant and more soothing to look at.

Another way of bringing nature inside is going for artificial plants. While actual plants have their own benefits, artificial plants will also work its magic in decorating the mundane space of your home.

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Avoid carpets

Gone are the days when carpets would be an option to bring peace and add color to your home. Today, carpets are largely responsible for harboring harmful materials in them which creates pollutants in the air you breathe.

Avoid carpets for a better home environment and opt for wooden floors instead. Wooden floors are more sustainable, easier to maintain and have long-lasting strength and durability.

Floor by Naeem Trading Company

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Candles are the Queen of home décor. They light up your evenings and spread a pleasant scent. Their aura is irresistible and magical, making them the perfect item in home décor.

However, some candles, like paints, contain harmful VOCs which should be avoided at all costs.

Be more careful while picking out candles for your home!

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With the help of these 7 steps, you’d be on your merry way to creating sustainable home decor. Make use of them and see how they make your living more comfortable and sustainable.

 Do share your favorite step with us in the comments section below.

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