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Kitchen hoods in Lahore

It is that time of the year where kitchen feel like gates of hell when something is on the stove. Gone are the days when cooking was just a necessity. People nowadays enjoy cooking. In fact many think cooking can be therapeutic at times. Your experience in the kitchen ought not to be just bearable

Revamp your kitchen in less than 5 lac rupees

Revamping kitchen with the design that matches up to the standards of the rest of the house and is economical at the same time is not everyone’s cup of tea. Kitchen is one of the most functional spaces of a house. Cooking for long hours can be tiring if the kitchen is not functional enough.

Picking the right Electric Oven in Pakistan

Whether it is roasted chicken or an apple pie, having a good electric oven is important to cook baked foods to perfection. For those of you who are fond of baking, finding the right oven is no less than a dream. With a number of brands offering a plethora of designs and types in the


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