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The new wardrobe trends in Pakistan

Wardrobe trends in Pakistan are changing! Gone are the days when having antique or a more traditional type of wardrobe looked luxurious in a bedroom. While you will still find people who have a thing for ‘Narnia’ type of closets, a number of exquisite designs have been introduced in the wardrobes. The home furnishing companies


Ample yet stylish closet space in one’s bedroom can be a hard nut to crack. Wardrobes of a bedroom are the most functional ones and hence tend to occupy more space than any other room’s wardrobe.  From matching the wardrobe with the bedroom interior to picking just the right type, every step requires careful thought

Walk-in wardrobes are changing in Pakistan!

Walk-in wardrobes in Pakistan are considered a house’s most exquisite space.  These closets are impeccably organized with a remarkable range of things they are able to hold. Be it an exhausting collection of one’s clothing, accessories, or shoes, the best thing about these wardrobes is that each type of component is displayed extensively. These closets

How to make the most out of your wardrobe space

Another season, another grind! Welcoming your spring wardrobe can be quite a task when you don’t want to get rid of those every-season tops. If you are also a cloth hoarder (guilty), always struggling with the wardrobe space then you have come to the right place. A well-planned wardrobe space can save you from stressing


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