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Turkish Wooden Floors that are worth a shot this winter

Chilly weather can be especially intolerable at homes with tiled or marble floors. When it comes to giving homes a cozy feel in the winter, carpeted and wooden floors take the lead. While there are always issues of cleaning with the former, the latter can be difficult to maintain as well. But what is the

Interior design upgrades your space desperately needs

If your space has started to give you sad vibes, it could really use some interior design upgrades. Living spaces need to be revamped once in a while to keep them looking afresh. Getting bored of the same old setting and furniture is inevitable. Changing the look of the house or giving it interior design

Guide to amazing wooden floors in Pakistan

With an ever-increasing liking of cosy homes, wooden floors take the lead when it comes to their flooring. Wooden floors accentuate the interior of the house and are also very convenient. Unlike marble or tiles, these floors are suitable for every type of season and do not need to be modified with changing seasons. Wooden

Wooden Floors; Pros and Cons

Wooden Floors

Nothing can beat the aesthetics of a wooden floor, won’t you agree? A small cozy house with wooden floors, in a peaceful neighborhood, is a dream. One can find many houses that come with wooden floors. People whose houses lack this extravagant looking amenity often get it installed themselves. Wooden floors don’t only look extravagant


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