The new wardrobe trends in Pakistan

Wardrobe trends in Pakistan are changing! Gone are the days when having antique or a more traditional type of wardrobe looked luxurious in a bedroom. While you will still find people who have a thing for ‘Narnia’ type of closets, a number of exquisite designs have been introduced in the wardrobes. The home furnishing companies have modified the traditional designs in wardrobes to give them a very modern feel and make them more convenient at the same time. The new designs in wardrobes are more detail-oriented. 

Automation has also made its way into wardrobe trends in Pakistan as well.  The doors of the wardrobes are automated along with the lights. Numerous other features can be controlled by remote control as well. Wardrobe accessories now include lifts, trouser hangers, pull-out tie and belt racks, and numerous other built-in fittings. Anti-slam buffers introduced in the wardrobes increase their durability protecting them from frequent door slams. Wardrobes of today give you the option to customize the wardrobe. You can choose your wardrobe components, door style, and its finish. 

Let’s have a look at how the wardrobe trends evolved this year compared to the previous years.

Wooden wardrobes

Wardrobe trends in Pakistan have moved away from separate standing conventional oak wardrobes. Wood still remains the most sought after material for the wardrobe. Wooden furniture looks classy and goes well with almost every type of interior.

There were times the wardrobes (like the one in the above picture) used to make a statement in bedrooms. Whether integrated or separate standing, the modern-day oak built wardrobes have become a symbol of luxury.


The solid pine wood structure gives the wardrobe a sturdy as well as extravagant feel. Wardrobes are available in multiple times of wood such as oak and pine. Further, the wooden wardrobes are of different types as well. They can be integrated, walk-in as well as separate standing.

Minimalist wardrobes

There has been an increase trend of having minimalist furniture in one’s home. And to our surprise, the minimalist furniture looks breathtaking. You can find a lot of options in minimalist wardrobes. These wardrobes utilize space effectively without compromising on its curb appeal. These wardrobes can have sliding doors as well. Sliding doors are ideal for rooms that are not that spacious. Mirror doors on minimalist wardrobes are icing on the cake. Not only do they look appealing but also make the room look more spacious.

Additionally, if you want to highlight your wardrobe in the room then you can also add lights that enhance the focus on the wardrobe.  Various home-furniture brands offer remote-controlled doors for wardrobes. 

Customizable wardrobes 

Customization has now become the new cool be it science or everyday convenient products. While a lot of incredible options are available in readymade closets, having each and every shelf/rack in the wardrobe tailored according to one’s need always wins.

Customizable wardrobes allow you to match or contrast it with the rest of the bedroom’s interior and expand the scope of options even more. You can pick the material, finish, door type, and interior of the wardrobe yourself. You can even decide the number of compartments you want to have and the space allotted to each of the types. 

Innovative walk-in wardrobes

Although walk-in wardrobes have been trending a lot from more than half a decade, the interior designers introduced a plethora of modifications quite recently. Previously, having ample space was considered a must for having a walk-in closet. The new designs introduced in the market have made the walk-in wardrobes a lot more convenient.

For instance, have a look at this wardrobe:

Its racks are separately placed in the bedroom.  The wardrobe has a very open sort of design. This type of walk-in wardrobe does not occupy a lot of space and works well for bedrooms with limited spaces.


All in all, home furnishing brands are now moving towards a more minimalist and convenient approach when it comes to designing wardrobes. Wardrobes in today’s market are crafted keeping its customer’s ease in mind.

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