The ultimate guide for choosing the right wall panels for your home

Wall panels add a character to the living spaces. They are one of those things that remain timeless and if used intelligently they can set the entire feel of the house. Panels can be used in different rooms of the house. Not only do they look phenomenal on walls and as walls, the cabinetry of kitchens and living room from panels can add an aesthetically pleasing yet functional feature to the house.

Apart from being decorative and functional, wall panels also help insulate the rooms and can be easily cleaned with a wet swipe. The paneling comes in a variety of types MDF, wood panels, PVC, Glass, etc.

So let’s get started with our guide that will help you decide what type of paneling to pick for different rooms of the house.

Glass Finish Paneling

Glass finish paneling, also known as high gloss panels, looks exquisite in every room if you ask me. These panels are reflective and give an impeccable look to the entire space. For kitchens, people usually want to go for a cleaner look so the glass finish panels are ideal for them.

Moreover, you can also use glass finish panels in your toddler’s room. Kids love to draw on walls and no matter how many pages and notebooks you give them, they will end up writing on the walls. No one can deny how nerve wrecking it is for the parents. So, you can have the lower part of the walls covered with the glass finish panels that can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Decorative/ PVC Paneling

When it comes to the most resistant paneling, PVC panels trump all. These panels are water resistant and do not warp out of shape in humid weather like the wooden ones. PVC paneling is usually sought for the ceilings of the room due to their durability.

PVC panels look elegant in every setting. You will find a number of styles and patterns in PVC panels. These panels look great in the living room especially on the focus walls. Adding them on the ceilings with contemporary lights will give a very rustic yet cozy look to the living room. Besides, these panels also look great in home offices. You can also use them in kitchens for the cabinetry.

UV/ Melamine sheets

Melamine sheets are one of the most widely used paneling in homes. These sheets are perfect for a more minimal look. You can use them to add more sturdiness to the walls. If you are looking for something more durable, melamine sheets are definitely worth a shot.

These wall panels also come in wood-like patterns. So if you want to go for a more classic feel and having wooden panels over the walls is not quite it then melamine sheets are a pretty good option. Further, these sheets are also ideal for kitchen cabinetry. Melamine sheets have a diverse color pallet so you do not have to limit yourself when it comes to choosing the color.

Wooden paneling

Comparatively expensive but a class apart, wooden paneling is end game. The panels look extravagant in every setting. There are numerous ways in which wooden panels can be used. You can either cover the entire wall with them or half or part of it, whatever you like.

Wooden paneling is usually preferred in home offices and living rooms. If you are planning to use them for the ceiling, add contemporary lights to enhance the overall look of the ceiling. The best part about wooden panels is that they can be painted or polished for a fresh look. You can even add architectural details to these wooden panels.


In a nutshell, there are a lot of options available in paneling for each type of the room in your house. You just have to think your decision through so that you do not end up choosing an inconvenient paneling for your walls, ceilings, and cabinetry.

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