Turkish Wooden Floors that are worth a shot this winter

Chilly weather can be especially intolerable at homes with tiled or marble floors. When it comes to giving homes a cozy feel in the winter, carpeted and wooden floors take the lead. While there are always issues of cleaning with the former, the latter can be difficult to maintain as well.

But what is the best thing about having wooden floors is that they work well in almost every type of climate. Unless, of course you are living in an extremely humid weather (you can, however, get hybrid floors with a mix of wood and vinyl). Wooden floor is also a very hygienic option compared to carpeted floors. The dust does not get trapped, unlike the carpets, and can be easily cleaned with a single swipe.

Above all, it works wonders for the overall interior of the house enhancing the curb appeal of the house. So, the next question is which ones should we go for since there are numerous options out there in the market?

Well, look no further as we have listed a few of our all-time favorite Turkish floors when it comes to wooden flooring:

Natura series wooden floors by AGT

AGT Natura Floor Series have come up with this intriguing concept of ‘Nature at your feet.’ We love it for a handful of reasons. The designs you would see in the Natura series are breathtaking. The patterns on these floors look very realistic just as you would find in a forest. That is precisely because this ambitious series draws its inspiration from the colors and textures of the trees. If you look at these designs closely, you will see intricate patterns in a perfect harmony; one of the reasons why we are in absolute awe over the series. You will find a diversity of colors, textures, and design in the series.

Ideal space for it

Natura by AGT floors is ideal for spacious rooms as the small geometric patterns make the living spaces appear roomy. These floors can work equally well in homes as well as hotels and lobbies. If you are looking for a floor for your lobby, sun room, workspace or a hotel, this series is it.

Effect series wooden floors collection by AGT

Turkish floors are known for their intriguing designs. Effect series by AGT floors is an apt representation of that. The series, as the name implies, is crafted to perfection by computer programs to give a very symmetrical look to your living space. A lot of the designs in the series have grey hues offering you something very distinct from the Natura series. For those of you who want to give their space a very modern look without making it appear ‘too brown’ this series would definitely seal the deal for you. However, there are a few options available in oak shades too.

Ideal space for it

Effect series are designed for homes. The floors have quick cleaning properties making them comparatively easier to clean. You can have these floors in your kitchen as well. The floor can be laminated if you want for added protection.

Natura Slim wooden flooring series

An entirely different take on the wooden floors from the former two series, Natura Slim flooring series is more focused on providing simple yet classy wooden flooring. The series’ name is derived from a small town in Italy. The designs in the series itself are very much inspired from the same town. The idea was to recreate the feel of a small coastal town that appears very close to nature while keeping the needs of an urban home in check. The distinct feature of the series is its ‘synchronized surface texture.’ The designs in the series follow ‘less is more’ approach offering slip tiles that are versatile as well as aesthetic.

Ideal space for it

Natura Slim floor series by AGT offers a plethora of designs for a variety of rooms. If you hit the design option, you will be taken to a page dedicated to the rooms suitable for it. These floors have numerous options for kitchen and lounge. Further, a few options are also available for the kids room and bathroom.

Final word

All in all, what we really like about the Turkish floors by AGT is the option where you can literally ‘design’ your living space. The option lets you hypothetically see how the space it going to look like with your chosen floor. This is a very handy feature as it helps you narrow down your design options.

Whichever floor you pick, make sure that it is well suited for the subject room. Floors are a long term investment and choosing the right floor goes a long way.

Do let us know in the comment section below which floor looks the most appealing to you.

It’s a wrap from us!

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