Upgrading your kitchen; the easy and hassle-free way

With the hottest days of summers almost over, it is the perfect time for upgrading your kitchen if you have been wanting to. Kitchens can be one of the most modern places in the house. With interior designers’ growing inclination towards incorporating functionality with western style in kitchens, everyone wants to add a sophisticated touch to their kitchens.

If you are running on a small budget and do not want to completely change your kitchen while still wanting to upgrade your kitchen, we have just the right options for you to give a thought to. So, sit back and relax while we list a few things that you can do to upgrade your kitchen without doing and spending much.

Add a new panel to the cabinets

To our surprise, paneling is not as time consuming as it sounds. If you currently have panels for your kitchen cabinetry, you would know. If you don’t then having them now will be just the right upgrade you need for your kitchen.

AGT has just introduced an outstanding product in its panels. ‘Supramat’ is a superior quality panel that looks royal and comes with exceptional features. The panel is anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant.

Micro Scratch Removal

For kitchen panels, these two qualities can be a real life saver especially when you have kids in the house. Supramat comes in various colors. This panel will completely transform the look of your kitchen. On the contrary, there are numerous other options too for kitchen paneling if you want to explore more.

Get a new range hood

Be it summers or winters, a good ventilation in the kitchen is always a must. With chimneys now a thing of the past, range hoods have become everyone’s hot favorite. Hoods divert the heat/steam outside while giving a very modern feel to the kitchen.

If you do not have a hood in your kitchen then getting one now will be a major upgrade for your kitchen in terms of functionality as well as the curb appeal of the kitchen. Hoods can now be found in a variety of styles and designs. They can be easily fixed in place of the chimney. Range hoods can improve the air quality of the kitchen and give a very aesthetic appeal to it at the same time. You can check out Franke for a range of kitchen hoods in numerous economical options.

Add a place to sit

Who does not love to have a little sitting place in their kitchens! Workshop or rustic style kitchens have a place to sit in. In today’s time, kitchens are no more just a place for a woman to cook in. All members of the family engage one way or another in the cooking process.

Give people a place to sit in your kitchen. You do not necessarily need a large space in your kitchen to do that. Your countertop can have stools on one side. This can provide a sort of small area to eat breakfast or a snack in the kitchen. This can also keep the crowd on the other side of the kitchen especially when you are cooking a feast and have a lot of guests over. Seating in the kitchen makes it look even more appealing. Many modern kitchens have it. As an upgrade, it can completely change the look of your kitchen.

Install new lights

The right kind of lights can enhance the curb appeal of every room be it a living space or a working one. When it comes to kitchens, the majority of the people did not use to pay much heed to how lighting can be used to improve the look or feel of the kitchen.

You can do a lot with the lights of your kitchen to change its look or upgrade it for that matter. If you have a lot of corners in your kitchen you can use pendant lights to make them appear more interesting. You can also add overhead light fixtures over the kitchen countertops. This will shift the entire focus of the kitchen to the countertop making the kitchen look modern yet functional. Adding a system to adjust the light intensity will give you the liberty to switch between dim and bright lights as per your need which is again great for a very modern feel of the kitchen.

Summing up

Kitchens are one of the busiest and most used places of the house. Upgrading your kitchen can give the entire place a whole new energy. Upgrading kitchens can be fun especially when you are trying something new for the space. With the aforementioned tips, we are sure you will find something worth trying.

So, if you like our minimal effort kitchen upgrading tips, do let us know in the comments section below.

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