Walk-in wardrobes are changing in Pakistan!

Walk-in wardrobes in Pakistan are considered a house’s most exquisite space.  These closets are impeccably organized with a remarkable range of things they are able to hold. Be it an exhausting collection of one’s clothing, accessories, or shoes, the best thing about these wardrobes is that each type of component is displayed extensively. These closets utilize every nook and corner of the space they are provided with. 

Walk-in closets allow one to play with their outfits (mix ‘n’ match) without the hassle of having to sift through the clothes to find a particular garment. Talk about the grind of reorganizing after your dress-up game (girls can relate). Walk-in wardrobes also provide you with the ample range of accessories that your conventional wardrobe might not able to incorporate because of the space constraints. 

However, let’s admit living with the same walk-in wardrobe for years can be quite boring. And guess what? With home furnishing brands’ (wardrobes in Pakistan per se) ever-increasing focus on the luxury wardrobes upgrading one’s walk-in wardrobe is not as daunting as it might seem. 

So sit back and scroll down to some of the remarkable picks from the wardrobe in Pakistan we have in store for you:

Everyone in Pakistan dreams about this one

This luxurious walk-in closet is an oak-made and is ideal for houses with wooden floors. The wardrobe has ample walking room and allows you to store your jewelry as well. The wardrobe comes with focal lights that make sure that your clothes receive all the attention they deserve. You can place a couch in the space so you can sit while you pick just the right dress for the evening. 


A classic walk-in wardrobe

walk-in wardrobes

How exquisite does a glass sliding door walk-in wardrobe space look for well-lit homes! Houses that primarily depend on natural lighting during the day are ideal for such walk-in closets. The space has a window wall that opens to a garden view. If your space has a sufficiently large window, you might want to give this type of wardrobe a shot. For the night, you can install studio lights on the roof panel. The space can be freshened up by placing potted plants as well. 

The aisle of walk-in closet

Bedrooms that do not have sufficient space to allot to a walk-in wardrobe can still have their dream closet in the form of an aisle. This is essentially the same as other walk-in closets. You just need to adapt the type of the closet you want to have with the space you are provided with. Like other wardrobes, this too comes with a huge chunk of space. You can also make more use of the space by placing shelf organizers or adding more racks. The wood make of the wardrobe racks can complement the wooden floor of the house. You can also play with the color scheme of the wardrobe according to the bedroom interior. 


A grand segregated walk-in wardrobe

If you have an exhausting collection of clothes and are always running out of space then this one is perfect for you. The wardrobe comes with multiple shelves that can accommodate folded garments. Moreover, it has lengthy rods for hanging the clothes. This type of wardrobe works well for people who want a luxuriously spacious walk-in wardrobe. Since it is segregated from the main bedroom, you can choose the color scheme independently. 


A compelling minimal moving closet

Subtle in its arrangement, this type of walk-in wardrobe looks impeccable in bedrooms with a modern feel.  Bedrooms on first or higher floors are ideal for this type of wardrobe. If you have a segregated walk-in wardrobe and are thinking of experimenting with that space then you can revamp your bedroom by having racks tailor-made to meet your wardrobe space needs. A walk-in wardrobe does not necessarily need to take up a substantial amount of space. This type of wardrobe is modern and requires low maintenance as well. On the other hand, if you have a standing wardrobe in your bedroom and want to switch to a luxurious yet minimalist style for the wardrobe space then this is the right pick for you. Moreover, it also does not require a separate lighting system so you can save a lot on that department as well. 

All in all, you have an extensive range of wardrobes bu Giessigi now available in Pakistan, to choose from. The aforementioned are a few of our favorites.  

Upgrade your walk-in closet now and thank us later!

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