Ample yet stylish closet space in one’s bedroom can be a hard nut to crack. Wardrobes of a bedroom are the most functional ones and hence tend to occupy more space than any other room’s wardrobe.  From matching the wardrobe with the bedroom interior to picking just the right type, every step requires careful thought and consideration. 

While you can buy ready-made wardrobes from the market, there is always an option to get a customized wardrobe tailored according to your needs. Almost every furniture and home furnishing brand give one the option to customize wardrobes. Apart from deciding the dimensions of the wardrobe, one can also pick the make as well as its style/type. Since a bedroom’s wardrobe needs plenty of space, it’s all about picking the right kind of wardrobe that utilizes space as much as possible. So, first, clear your headspace and analyze how much of the wardrobe space you need.

If you are revamping your bedroom and need ideas to set up your wardrobe, look no further. Here are our top picks for your bedroom wardrobe ideas. 

The modest integrated wardrobes 

A perfect balance of beauty and practicality, integrated wardrobe is everyone’s safest choice. Integrated wardrobes are fitted in a wall and hence are not placed separately in a room. If you don’t have much space in your bedroom or just don’t want the wardrobe to be the part of the bedroom that stands out then integrated wardrobe is an ideal pick. This does not mean that your wardrobe can’t be stylish. In fact, some of the finest designs of the wardrobes come in integrated style. 

Have a look at this wardrobe:

For bedrooms with ample height, an integrated wardrobe can make it look grand. The impeccable white goes perfectly well with the rest of the grey furniture and makes the room look classier. Even if you change the colour of the rest of the furniture (e.g. beige, pastel green or turquoise), the room will still look equally elegant. 

Glass wardrobes 

Glass wardrobes are an architectural masterpiece. Not every bedroom can pull off a glass wardrobe. Particular in style, glass wardrobes need a very sophisticated interior to go with. This kind of wardrobe is ideal for people who like exhibiting their clothes. Glass wardrobes, as the name implies, come with glass doors that are transparent, showing off the garments hanged inside. Since the wardrobe is transparent, it comes with sophisticated accessories that not only bring order in the space but also add a finishing touch to it. The frame of this type of wardrobe can either be wooden or metalized.

This separate standing glass wardrobe stands out in the room. It goes well with the bedroom as the room is well lit which enhances the appearance of the glass wardrobe. So, if a glass wardrobe is ticking all your boxes from our wardrobe ideas then make sure to arrange for appropriate lights as well. A glass wardrobe should preferably be placed somewhere near the window. 

The luxurious walk-in wardrobes

Straight out of those shopaholic movies, walk-in closets are every style savvy’s dream.  A walk-in wardrobe is the king of adequate wardrobe space. If you have sufficient room for a walk-in wardrobe then you’ve just hit the jackpot. With walk-in wardrobes, cloth riddance due to wardrobe space constraints become a thing of past. Not only do you get ample space for your things but the organization becomes a lot easier. You don’t have to sift through all the garments just to find that one shirt. Within walk-in wardrobes, you will find a lot of styles. One gives you the option of allotting a separate room within the bedroom while the other one just segregates the wardrobe space with the rest of the bedroom by an incomplete wall.

Consider this walk-in wardrobe space. It is a separate aisle within the bedroom. This type of walk-in wardrobe does not occupy a lot of space and works well for bedrooms with limited spaces.

Contrastingly, this one is a much grander walk-in closet.  Such wardrobes take a huge chunk of the bedroom space and hence are a result of careful planning. If you want to have a wardrobe space as exquisite as this one, make sure your architect knows what you have in mind. 

Summing up

Whether you are done building or buying your dream house or are in the process of getting it constructed, our wardrobe ideas are sure to help you out in choosing the wardrobe that rarely runs out of space. 

Good luck!

For the newest trends in wardrobes this year, head to our next article!

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