Why front load laundry machine is better

Front load laundry machine has become a trend in the new generation. However, there are still quite a proportion of people who still prefer top loaders as having to bend to add clothes is a big no for them.

If you fall in the latter proportion of the population, we will give you a handful of reasons to switch to front load laundry machines today:

Front loaders save energy

One of the major concerns people have regarding the laundry machines is how efficient they are in terms of power. With kids always spilling food on their clothes, there is hardly a day when the machine rests. So, saving energy can be a big deal. Front load laundry machines are energy efficient and a survey states that a front loader saves energy that can power a 50-inch LED five hours a day for up to 81 days. That’s a lot of energy. If you do not always use hot water in washing cycles then you can save even more in the energy department.

Better cleaning action

What is better than a washing machine with an even better cleaning action? Tried and verified from a lot of the savvy housewives and their partners who help (should help) front loaders are more efficient in cleaning clothes. Franke’s front load laundry machine makes use of the central agitator that makes sure that the cleaning action reaches to the toughest of stains (just like the detergent ads except that the laborious work is done by the machines not the detergent). These machines also use less water so it’s a win-win. It is this central agitator that is missing in the top loaders because of which their cleaning is not as thorough as the front ones.

Doesn’t scare you with the horrible noise

For those of you who do their laundry at night, noise can be an issue. Majority of the top loaders are either load or have that shrilling noise that can be the death of people (pun intended).  The best part about having a front load laundry machine is their next to nothing running sound. These machines have a much muffled sound that is neither too loud nor irritating. So, you can do the laundry whenever you want.

Stackable with the dryers

With front loaders, you simply do not have to worry about the space. Since you add clothes from the front the top can have a dryer stacked over it. If you have a limited space, front loaders are perfect for you. For those who see bending over to add clothes as a concern, the machines can be placed over a stool or a pedestal for increasing the height. Many machine vendors have pedestals for a variety of appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. Getting one for your front load laundry machine should not be a problem.

Minimum number of washing cycles

Compared to the top loaders, front load laundry machines require minimal number of cycles of washing due to its large capacity. And in those fewer cycles it makes efficient use of water as well as power, as explained earlier. This makes laundry more effective and less frequent.

Low maintenance

Another benefit that front loaders bag is that they require little to low maintenance. The machinery is strong enough to run for years seamlessly. Unlike top loaders, these machines are durable and have advanced features that require little maintenance.

Technically more advanced

Front load laundry machines have more features and are technically more advanced. Majority of the home appliances brands are using front load design to experiment with advanced features. These machines come with touch displays and self-cleaning programs that can make laundry even less strenuous for you. You can see the clothes churning right through the glass window. This design makes them modern and lets you keep an eye on the washing action as well.

Final word on front load laundry machine

Front load washers are not only equipped with a much effective washing action but are also very economical in terms of power usage and maintenance. If you are going to get a new washer, head to our home appliances’ category and explore a variety of front load laundry machines by Franke.


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