Wooden Floors; Pros and Cons

Wooden Floors

Nothing can beat the aesthetics of a wooden floor, won’t you agree? A small cozy house with wooden floors, in a peaceful neighborhood, is a dream. One can find many houses that come with wooden floors.

People whose houses lack this extravagant looking amenity often get it installed themselves. Wooden floors don’t only look extravagant but are pricey as well.

If you are thinking of redoing your house with wooden floors, here are a few pros and cons you ought to consider:


Floor by Naeem Trading Company


From the looks of it, one might think that wooden floors are not durable. To one’s surprise, solid wood floors are very sturdy and can survive for generations with proper care, of course.


Not only are the solid wood floors appealing themselves but go well with almost every type of aesthetic. Whether you want floor rugs, minimal furniture, or huge couches, wooden floors complement it all. The floor looks even better without any floor rugs. So you can save a few bucks there.


Just as wood has multiple types, wooden floors have as well. Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and a lot more and that too in various color choices. Variety is never an issue with wooden floors.

Comfortable underfoot

Wooden floors have a very warm underfoot even in winters. Since wood is a bad conductor of heat, one can expect the floor not to be heated up quickly in summers. The floor is smooth and very comfortable to walk on as well.


Unlike carpets, you don’t have to stress over spilled milk (pun intended) on the floor. It can be cleaned with a single swipe. Wooden floors trump wall-to-wall carpeting as the smell does not stay as in the latter.


The best part about the wooden floors is that they are renewable. When no longer in use, the wood can be used for other purposes.


Wooden floor
Photo by Camylla on Unsplash


As one would expect, wooden floors are pretty expensive to install. Whether you go for the Solid or the laminate one, the cost of the wooden floor is always going to be more than other types of floor.


Since the durability of these floors rely on how effective the maintenance of these floors is, proper care ought to be taken. To keep them looking spick ‘n’ span, the floor needs to be re-polished periodically. So, maintenance can be heavy on the pocket as well.

Atmospheric changes

Since wood does not have any resistance to atmospheric changes, the floor is susceptible to environmental effects. It expands in summer and contracts at colder temperatures. Also, wood does not go well with moisture so it is not advisable to install it in humid areas.


It is wood, you can expect it to catch fire easily and be susceptible to termite attack. Therefore, it has to be protected from both. One can find a couple of solutions to prevent termite attack.

Also, these floors can be noisy especially when you are wearing heels. Running on a wooden floor can give one’s ears a hard time as well.

Not pet-friendly

Well if you have pets at home, you might want to reconsider your decision (just saying). Pets can put scratches on the floor. And if the floor is in lighter tones, the scratches show. You might end up covering the entire floor with rugs.

All in all, wooden floors are a huge investment. The aforementioned factors might help you make up your mind.

Have we missed out anything? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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