Not everyone realizes that lighting fixtures, and especially bedside lamps, are an essential part of every room's interior. In creating a mood and atmosphere, lamps are playing a more important role than any other furnishings. These not only serve the decorative purpose on your nightstand, but there are many other advantages of having a lamp. So, here are some Bedside lamps in Pakistan for your room.

  1. Glam Bedside Lamp

For a lamp that'll add a little glamour to your space, consider the Glam Table Lamp. This lamp comes with a slender gold stem and base, and a cascade of prismatic glass crystals drip from a band of gold to create the lampshade.

  1. Co-ordinated Ring Bedside Lamp

This is a classic art décor with a gold base and a stem that has beautiful interlinking gold rings. The geometric design and the color combination of black lampshade and gold are a perfect blend of the latest and 90s trends. These bedside lamps will elevate any room with their charismatic look.

  1. Royal Sunshine Lamp

A lamp for bringing sunshine to your room. This bedside lamp features a beautiful gold round base. Above the base is the stem has curved metal rods and a center round design, representing sun rays from the sun. Moreover, the white lampshade makes it look super elegant in any room you install it.

  1. Vintage Cora Bedside Lamp

This bedside table lamp features a crystal effect body and an empire lampshade in a light blue shade, giving your room a vintage vibe. If you are into minimal interiors then this lamp is for you.

  1. Contemporary Bedside Lamp

This contemporary bedside lamp is a reinterpretation of basic bedside lamp design featuring basic shapes and lines, a minimalist design with maximum light functionality. You can place it on your bedside or your study table.

Advantages of Bedside Lamps

Here are some practical benefits of having a lamp on your nightstand.

Easy to Reach

Table lamps are very convenient to reach and operate. They have a cord that is connected to the switch near your bed. While the main switch is very far from the bed, the bedside lamp switch is at your arm's length. So, it becomes convenient to turn on lights without leaving your bed.

Lights a Certain Area

Table lamps focus their light on a particular area of the room, based on their shape and design. For example, Cora table lamps project the light downwards and also towards the ceiling, while shading the bed area with the lampshade. While Alcantara lamps project the light to the sides and downwards due to their lampshade. As a result, it's perfect for reading, since if placed on top of a bedroom nightstand, it illuminates your book.

Don’t Disturb The Person Next To You

Bedside lamps become very handy when you share your room with a partner with different routines. You can easily get out of bed or read at night without disturbing your partner as bedside lamps light up certain areas, rather than lighting the whole room and disturbing your partner.

Acts as a Night Light

Another great advantage of bedside lamps is that they can be used as a nightlight. It is perfect if you are afraid of the dark or if you are installing it in kids' or old people's rooms. For night light you need to install a very dim yellow light which is perfect for visibility yet not irritating.

The Decorative Element

In combination with ceiling lamps, bedside lamps are capable of creating a perfect ambiance in any room because they will be in perfect harmony with the furniture. A table lamp like our Tames is model in combination with a ceiling lamp from the same collection is the perfect solution that you have been looking for. 


Bedside lamps are common nowadays, with so many advantages and millions of designs and features. We have gathered some pieces of the best bedside table lamps in Pakistan for you. For more light fixtures, browse our lights collections. Naeem trading company (NTC) has everything you need, from contemporary hanging lights and pendant lights to mesmerizing chandeliers and wall lights.

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