When you decide to renovate your kitchen you start with the heart of the kitchen the “cabinets” first. There are many materials available in the market and it surely becomes a hassle to choose. If you are looking for affordable but strong wood, compared to solid wood then MDF panels are for you. Laminated MDF is commonly known as UV sheets. So, to avoid any confusion let's use the term UV sheets for this article.

What is MDF?

MDF is a dense wood that is much stronger than plywood. It is engineered by combining thin panels made out of wood fiber, resin, and wax. Different types of MDF are available, depending upon the density, size, the glue used, moisture content, wood species, and thickness. The more thick and dense an MDF board is, the more expensive it becomes. When these MDF panels are laminated, wood panels that we commonly know as UV sheets are formed.

Pros of Using UV Sheets

Many people look down on UV sheets when compared with strong woods like oak, maple, or cherry but once you get to know the complete benefits of UV sheets you’ll surely fall in love with the idea of using them.

  1. Does not flex or Crack Easily

Although UV sheets are made of wood they are resistant to cracking and flexing because of the way they are made. If you try to bend them they will snatch and when in moisture the wood particles expand and shrink as a whole. This prevents the board from bending or cracking. Of course, if you plan to dip them in a pool of water then they will be damaged, but as long as we are talking about air-borne moisture they are fine.

  1. Budget-Friendly and Availability

When compared to hardwood UV sheets are much less expensive. So when you cannot afford to make hardwood cabinets UV sheets become your best friends. With the plethora of benefits and low price, you can surely not accuse of it being a burden on the pocket. Moreover, another great advantage of UV sheets is that they are easily available in the market as compared to hardwood like Oak, Maple, and cherry.

  1. Available in Large Size

As compared to hardwood UV sheets are available in much larger pieces. So, if you want to construct something that big without joints then, UV sheets are a great option. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the breaking of the panels as these are sturdy.

  1. Color and Patterns

If you love colors and patterns then UV sheets are best for you. You can play around with so many patterns and colors if you use UV sheets. Moreover, you also choose the type of finish like gloss or matte, according to your kitchen interior.

  1. Termite and Insect Resistant

In contrast to hardwood, using UV sheets makes your life super easy as it is treated with special chemicals that make it resistant to termites and other insects. So, your life becomes super easy when you don’t have to worry about insects and termites.

  1. Eco- Friendly

UV sheets are environmentally friendly as they are made by recycling wood. On the other hand, if you choose hardwood it means cutting down more trees and eventually contributing to deforestation.

Cons of Using UV Sheets

Although UV sheets have many advantages, but nothing is flawless. So here are a few disadvantages that you should consider if you plan on using UV sheets for your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Heavy

UV sheets are formed by compressing wood fibers and are available in different densities. So as we increase density and make it stronger it becomes heavier, so to cope with this problem when constructing kitchen cabinets you can use UV sheet for the doors and rest of the cabinet with hardwood.

  1. Vulnerable to Extreme Heat

UV sheets are constructed with resins and wax so when exposed to very high temperatures it is damaged.

  1. Cannot Support Too much weight

Although UV sheets are strong and used in making many wardrobes, cabinets, and shelves, but if you put too much weight on them they might break. So to solve this problem the best solution is to use both hardwood and UV sheets together.

Ideas to Use UV sheets in Kitchen


Summing Up

UV sheets are a great option for your kitchen cabinets. With its great benefits from being sturdy and flex resistant to highly customizable many people are now using them for their kitchen interiors. After deciding to use UV sheets the next step is to look for the finest quality UV sheets or Panels. Don’t worry Naeem Trading Company NTC has the best collection of UV sheets (AGT Panels). AGT panels imported from Italy offer unique designs with different surfaces and color options. Moreover, these panels are produced with E0 low emission value and zero waste policy.

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