Why Franke Pakistan Is the Right Choice for You?

Why Franke Pakistan Is the Right Choice for You?

Franke has a great history of more than 100 years. It started its business in Rorschach, Switzerland in 1911. After that, many years of hard work resulted in it becoming a global brand. Today, it has its products in many countries around the globe including Franke Pakistan.

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Journey Of Franke

Four Entrepreneurial men made Franke from a sheet metal business to a global company.

Hermann Franke

In 1911 Hermann Franke started his metal sheet business in a small Swiss town in Rorschach. He managed to get through the turmoil of the great war and its aftermath. He soon recognized the potential of stainless steel in the early stages and in 1939 started manufacturing stainless steel sinks.

Walter Franke

After the death of Hermann Franke, Walter Franke took over his father’s business. He initiated the company’s global expansion. He is one of the Father of kitchen technology standards that are still used today.

Willi Piper

A friend of Walter Franke took over Franke and continued to expand it across European borders. His goal was to become number one worldwide in certain niche markets.

Micheal Piper

Micheal piper expanded the business through eastern Europe to Russia, India, and China. He turned the company into a global provider of Domestic kitchens, Professional food service, professional coffee preparation, and comprehensive washroom solutions.

Why choose Franke?

  1. Unique experiences

Franke has a motto of finding unique and practical solutions to everyday problems. They have innovative designs and are always looking forward to designing more functional, unique, and aesthetical products.

  1. Sustainable

Sustainability is the main focus of the company. Franke has the best products which are robust and durable. They keep on working to serve the customers with the best products.

  1. Looks and functionality

Franke products are not only about the looks but also really functional. They are designed in a way that customers can enjoy their comfort along with style. Their designers work for both innovation and functionality.

Amazing Products To Buy From Franke Pakistan

Stainless Steel Sinks

For many years, Franke has been working on their stainless steel sinks. They have made sinks that have all the qualities you need in your home kitchen or your restaurant.

Franke stainless steel sinks are durable and hygienic. These stainless steel sinks are temperature and acid-resistant. Moreover, the nickel-chrome steel makes these sink corrosion and rust protected.

You know that these sinks are safe and clean because they are non-porous which prevents bacterial growth. Franke sinks can regenerate a passive protective layer which makes your sink easy to clean.

Franke stainless steel sinks are prepared, considering customer satisfaction. They are made with amazing design, quality, and finish.

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Kitchen Hoods

Franke Pakistan has great versatility in kitchen hoods. If you want it for your kitchen click here. Franke Kitchen hoods are available in different styles. They may pop up from your work surface, can be placed in cabinets, or mounted on walls. You also have many options in colors and materials like glass or stainless steel. You can look for your favorite options according to your style.

These hoods are designed to be perfect for your kitchen with features like automatic extracting of smell and smoke after cooking. These hoods are designed to have maximum noise reduction when working. These features make these hoods feel like a necessity in your kitchen.


Kitchen Hobs

Kitchen Hobs are the heart of your kitchens. Franke knows what its customers needs and they work on those to make their customers satisfied.

Whether you are looking for an induction hob or gas hob Franke Pakistan has got you covered. Click here to view some amazing options for your kitchen.

Gas hobs are designed with different burner layouts and a variety of material options like stainless steel, black glass, and mirrors.

Induction hobs have modest designs with a great many options to give you a perfect cooking experience.



Franke ovens are designed and engineered to make your cooking a memorable experience. They are both stylish and functional in your kitchen. Designed with amazing features like Dynamic cooking Technology, using which you can cook meat and dessert at the same time without the worry that their taste might be affected.

Another amazing feature is self-cleaning programs and removable glass panels which makes it super easy to clean. Looking for the perfect oven for your kitchen look up here.



Franke refrigerators are designed to give a sophisticated look to your kitchen along with executive features like Climate control, frost-free compartment, energy efficiency, tempered glass shelves with huge compartments.

All these features help you store many things and keep them fresh for a long time. Moreover, these are energy efficient which lowers the electricity cost.

Here are some options you can choose for your kitchen from Franke Pakistan


Frankie Pakistan is working hard for providing customers with ideal products. Their aim is customer satisfaction which they attain by providing stylish and practical products to the customers. They are working for sustainability and clients' trust by providing them with perfect solutions to their needs.