Everyone wants a chandelier in their home but it can be a little tricky to choose the perfect chandelier. Many factors including size, style, and placement should be considered while buying a chandelier. Moreover, it should also complement the décor of the room. Don’t worry we have a perfect guide that will help you find your perfect chandeliers in Lahore.

Chandeliers add luxury and class to your home. Chandeliers are not a new invention, they travel back to the time when even electricity was not present. They have a historic background and evolved so much with time that you would hardly believe that once cross-shaped structures with animal-fat candles were chandeliers.

Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a chandelier in Lahore for your home:

Find The Right Room:

First, you will have to shortlist the rooms you want to hang a chandelier in. It’s a myth that chandeliers can only be hung in big rooms. Now, we have modern chandeliers that complement the small rooms in your home. The main thing that matters is what message you want to convey to your guests.

Choosing the Style:

Once you have decided on the room the next step is to observe the interior of the room. If your interior is minimal then hanging a traditional chandelier will ruin the aesthetics. On the contrary, a traditionally furnished room will not complement a modern chandelier.

So, keep the interior of your room in mind while choosing your ideal chandelier. Chandelier enhances the ambiance of a room when it complements the interior of the room.

Diameter of Chandelier

The most important factor when buying a chandelier is the size. If you buy the wrong size of chandelier then the whole interior will be ruined and all your efforts and money will be wasted. A simple trick to determine the perfect dimension of the chandelier is to simply add the length and width in feet and then convert the answer into inches.

Example: Suppose your room is 15 feet long and 10 feet wide then your chandelier should have a diameter of 25 inches.

Tip: If you are choosing a chandelier for a dinner table or kitchen island then it should be 1 foot less than the table.

Still not sure about the diameter of the chandelier, then choosing a big size chandelier is a better option as it serves the main purpose of bringing attention to the room. While placing a small chandelier will seem silly as it serves no purpose.

Measuring the Length

To get the best interior you should also consider the length of the chandelier. Usually, the ideal height is to place the chandelier 7 feet above the ground. If you are placing your chandelier above the table then its tip should be 2 feet above the table. This height is kept in mind so that it does not glare at the eyes while sitting at the table.

It’s a good idea to measure the length beforehand, but adjustments can be made for the length of the fixtures by adding or removing chain links from the chain or cutting the chord down to the required length, or dropping the chandelier down while it is suspended from the ceiling using weight-bearing wires to extend or shorter the length as needed.

Strong your Position Game

The position of the chandelier plays a great role in the overall aesthetics of the room. When placing a chandelier in a specific room, reference the recommendations below.

Dining Room

For dining rooms, chandeliers are mounted in the center, 30" – 36" above the table. Remember not to hang the chandelier in the center of the dining room. If you have a sideboard or buffet table, your table will be placed off the center. So, a chandelier hanging in the middle of the space will be confusing to the eye.

Above Kitchen Island

In the kitchen, Chandelier is hung 30" – 36" above the Kitchen island. In the kitchen, small chandeliers or pendant lights are hung. If you plan to use two lights place them 30 inches away. If you plan to use three lights, place one just in the center and the other two on either side.

Bedroom and Living Room

For bedrooms and living rooms, it is usually suggested that you mount your chandelier in the center of the room or above the bed or coffee table. If you opt for a large chandelier hang it in the center of the room while above the coffee table minimal small chandeliers should be hung.


For bathrooms At least 8' above the highest point from the tub's edge.

Summing Up

Add luxury to your lovely home with the perfect placement of chandeliers using the guide above. To find the perfect collection of chandeliers in Lahore, Naeem Trading Company(NTC) has a vast collection of chandeliers ranging from crystal chandeliers to metallic chandeliers and traditional to contemporary. Grab your favorites today in-stores or online.

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