Lighting in any place is an important consideration, key to enhancing the look and ambiance of the overall space. Wall lights are great to light up dark corners of your home, which provides a welcoming atmosphere. They are a practical addition that saves space, yields ambiance, and can be controlled via dimmer switches to determine the mood of a room. So, if you are buying wall lights for the first time or replacing the existing ones, it can be difficult to find the best wall lights in Lahore.

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How To Choose The Best Wall Light In Lahore?

Most wall lights are composed of three main design elements that set this fixture apart from other lights. Mostly wall sconce parts will consist of:

  • Wall Light Bracketplate: Connect the wall lights to the wall and protect the hide the wires. These can be subtle or dramatic statement-making pieces.
  • Wall Light Arms: Connect the shades and light source to the bracket plate. It can either make the shade moveable or fixed to the bracket plate.
  • Wall Light Shades: Frames the light source and helps direct the light playing a major role in how the wall light affects the lighting of the room. Shade can be in fabric, metal, or glass – highlighting the beauty of the bracket plate and arm. A scone that has a clear glass shade is perfect for use in bathrooms and other open places where ambient lighting is needed. While an opaque shade might only throw light directly down, and is suitable for use in a study room or above work desks, as it focuses light on one place.

To find the best wall lights in Lahore for your style and space, consider how these three design elements interact and what kind of statement you want to make. Here are a few trendy pieces to illuminate your home.

The Ring Wall Light

This wall light has a trendy ring shape, making it ideal for areas where you need lots of light. Usually, these types of lights are used in bathrooms and dressing rooms where ambient light is needed. Use this wall light to give your living space a contemporary look. Just be sure to mount sconces like this slightly higher than eye level to keep the bulb from shining directly in your eyes.

The Japanese Wall Light

This is a very unique wall light, with black bracket plate and arms. Shade is beautifully designed with bamboo leaves pattern, taking you on a trip to Japan. You can use this stylish wall light in farmhouses, commercial Japanese-themed restaurants, or in a traditional home.

Magic Crystal Ball

A wall light designed to take to you a magical world. It has a frosted crimpled glass on a gold color arm and bracket plate. This wall light creates a soft glow when lit that would be stunning displayed on either side of a living room mirror or oversized art piece.

Vertical Wall Light

This vertical wall light has a very unique design. It has a broad bracket plate with a vertical frosted glass shade. It is mostly used for outdoor lighting as it can spread ambient light at night and make your home look elegant.


Sconces are a timeless style of lighting fixture that can complement existing lights and design elements in every room of your home. So, explore Naeem trading company’s extensive wall lights and sconces collection to find your perfect match. We have many different wall lights with multiple trendy bracket plates, arms, and shades, made to fit your needs.

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