When it comes to increasing living and storage it’s usually little details that make all the difference. By details, I mean little niceties that aren't necessary for function but can definitely make life easier. Examples include closet accessories like pull-out storage bins, Rotateable and Foldable Iron Stands, Bottoms hangers, wardrobe fitted shoe racks, and Tie and belt hangers. Iron stands take up a lot of space in your laundry so to efficiently use space Rotatable and Foldable Iron Stands in custom closets are the best remedy.

Naeem Trading Company (NTC) has a wide collection of wardrobe accessories to increase storage and make your life easy. They have all you can imagine from foldable Iron Stands and Trousers racks to Cloth baskets and Jewelry storage boxes. Here is a list of Iron stands you can look to increase your living space and ease your life.

Starax Wardrobe Foldable Iron Stand

This made-in turkey foldable Iron stand perfectly fits in a small space in your cabinets. You can install it in your bedroom or your laundry. These foldable ironing boards are built into a cabinet. You can unfold them for use and refold them behind closed doors when you are done.

Rotatable and Foldable Iron Stand

This is a 180-degree Rotatable Iron stand that comes with an inner storage function. This storage can be used to store your iron. You can unfold and rotate it according to your needs when in use. Moreover, the board is also covered with thicker cotton material making the ironing more efficient.

Vertical Wardrobe Iron Stands

A more functional iron stand, that can be used in middle vertical panels in hinged doors and in right or left panels in rail doors. You can easily pull it out of the cabinet and use it. It comes with a slow and silent closing gas piston. The best feature of this Iron stand is that it comes with a fireproof fabric.

Wrap Up

The Foldable Iron Board is one of those nice little extras that everyone appreciates. It takes less time and effort to set up than a traditional ironing board. So grab your favorite iron stand today from Naeem Trading Company (NTC).

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