It's impossible to scroll through social media without seeing beautiful homes. Whether you follow Instagram accounts dedicated to showcasing unique home décor or are a fan of all those home-flipping shows, you will surely see some visually stunning interior decorating. And when you plan to upgrade the look of your home, it's impossible to stop thinking about all those aesthetic things you can do to your space! Wall paneling is an oft-forgotten, easy-to-incorporate detail that can instantly transform the look of any home.

Fun Ways To Incorporate Wall Paneling Into Your Living Space

A simple way to bring architectural shape to featureless rooms is adding wall paneling, as it is a practical choice. It can add protection to walls, avoiding general wear and tear; it can also add a level of insulation.

  1. Use Paneling To Disguise A Door

If the Paneling is used from floor to ceiling on the walls, it can be an excellent way to place a hidden door into a secret room. The door will camouflage into the Paneling, distinguishing the space and adding a bit of glamor to your home.

  1. Give a box room a feature focus

If you have a plain, white box room, you can add life to it by adding a simple strip of the wood panel behind the bed. This helps add definition to your living space and gives a pleasing effect to the eyes.

  1. Enhance your workspace

Since the pandemic, working from home has become very common. Everyone started to convert a small corner of their homes into workspaces. So, an easy and quick solution to upgrade your office is by Paneling the wall with a dark color and adding furniture and other decoratives.

  1. Paint half-wall paneling a light color

Another fun way to elevate your hallways is by paneling half the wall and then painting the other half. The trick for this style is to match the panel's color and the paint to give a more sophisticated and contemporary look.

  1. Replace the tiles with panels

Bathroom walls are always decorated with tiles as it's more convenient and easier. But if you're passionate about giving out some experimental décor to your home, try installing wall panels in the bathroom. Why not? It's waterproof, protects the walls from damage, and if you want to hide any plumbing pipes, there is no other great choice than wall panels.

  1. Create a serene dining space

You can create a serene dining space by playing with colors. A soft color on the wall complements with dark furniture in front. This combination brings warmth and calm to your dining area, making it a perfect place to enjoy your food.

FAQs about wall Paneling

Is wall paneling expensive?


Does wall paneling make a room small?

If you're worried about a small room, opt to use a light color such as grey or white to help reflect the light and make it look bigger. It's not a hard and fast rule, but you can use it to make a room feel cozier and more intimate. That said, adding vertical planks of wood to a wall could help the space seem larger as they'll draw your eye upwards towards the ceiling.

Can I paint my wall paneling?

You can paint over your wall paneling, giving your room a new and fresh look. The best way to do it is by painting all the panels of the same color, giving them a cohesive look.

Is wall paneling Outdated?

Wall paneling was once famous in the second half of the 20th century; after that, its trend faded. But now, it has reappeared, and many homeowners and designers are using them.

What are the benefits of wall paneling?

One of the biggest advantages of wall paneling is that you can create various looks. Whether you want a traditional, classic look or something more contemporary, wall paneling can be adapted to suit your taste.

Another advantage of wall paneling is that it is relatively easy to install. If you are handy with tools, you should be able to install wall paneling yourself. Moreover, these are also a great solution to cover up your damaged walls.

How to install wall paneling?

Here is a quick and easy tutorial for the installation of wall panels.

Where can I find the best Wall paneling in Pakistan?

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